Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Vagina Institute

I'm a bit perplexed by this site. Upon first glance, it looks like a corny coven of clitoral caretakers. But after further investigation and using the detective skills I fine-tuned as a hot, high-school sleuth, it seems as though this might actually be the website of a plastic surgeon outfit, posing as a concerned, interested bevy of babes. It might not even be a plastic surgeon. It might just be some dude. Named Frank. But there is a lot of talk on the site about what makes a vagina pretty, and what makes a vagina ugly, as well as links to corrective surgery people. Though I'm a fan of conversation regarding ugly and pretty vaginas, I have a bit of trouble with
the concept of an ugly vagina. I mean, aren't all vaginas kind of hot, just by their nature? As with the age old penis conundrum, "Does size matter?", don't we have it's female counter"part", "Do looks matter?"

In addition, there are some very sexy, almost bordering on "pornographic" photos of vaginas on the site, and a plea for women to send photos of their poonies in for a free consultation of whether it's pretty or not. So, in a single file line, bust out your beavers, ladies, and don't forget to say "cheese!"

In case you're seriously considering sending a bug shot to these folks, I do not recommend you do so until I can find out further information about their intentions. I mean, there's like, NOTHING about it on Wikipedia, so how legit could it be? Sha! Fffff!

I like the name, though. Vagina Institute. It sounds like it could be the name of my next band.

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