Monday, February 22, 2010


You probably won't want to miss this.

Naughty Nautical Nite / Kong Magazine presents:
LADIES of PORN / Kong Magazine release party

Wed, Feb. 24, 2010
The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard St., NYC
8 PM - 10 PM / $5 admission

This popular nautical-themed “nite” designed by bizarre, glamorous, clamorous NYC performers JESSICA DELFINO (satirical musician, publicly denounced by the Catholic League for her work) & DAME DARCY (creator of Meat Cake comics on Fantagraphics) occasionally strays from the nautical theme to incorporate new themes, such as their recent GOTH NIGHT, past ALICE IN WONDERLAND and other culture-kitsch topics.

Tonight, they celebrate the many lovely LADIES OF PORN, focusing on old-time-y camp porn stars of the Mamie Van Doren ilk, and honor them through sexy performances, comedy and music. Expect lots of porn themed acts; fun, comedic, ribald times and porn-y music harkening back to B movies and beyond, where boobs were king and scandals of liberated ladies and drug fueled orgys ran rampant. Enjoy giveaways and raffles sponsored by Adam & Eve / The Pleasure Chest / Kong Magazine. 

The reason for this celebration: to share and unleash KONG MAGAZINE upon the world. Out of the ashes of Playgirl, art director JESSICA MOATS and other creative types have gotten together to fill the gap with KONG MAGAZINE, a publication celebrating sex + women, two things the girls at Naughty Nautical Nite go out of their way to pay tribute to. Be there, or miss the magic.

Performers include downtown stars of comedy, burlesque and music RACHEL KRAMER BUSSEL, JO BOOBS WELDON, ANN CARR, LIVIA SCOTT, JENA FRIEDMAN, KILLY DWYER & PORNO JIM. The show is $5 ($4 if you come dressed in a scandalously sexy outfit -- doorman is the judge) and is always a raucous and ribald good time. Hosted by Jessica Delfino, who's music and performance was publicly denounced by the Catholic League for being too sexy and funny.

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