Tuesday, November 16, 2010

JD ON TV once again

Yes, it's just a couple momentary flashes of me via my side face and / or bright electric blue pantaloons, yes, it's short and sweet, and yes, it's on cable television which I know many of you don't have or don't watch, even if you do have it. However, it's exciting to me, and it's for a cool fun new product which I actually WANT and therefore, did not feel as though I was selling my soul to the devil or sucking corporate you-know-what. Not to mention we really had a blast filming this commercial, because it was made with a buncha friends, including Carolyn Castiglia and other familiar faces of comedy. Directed / written by Bex Schwartz for VH1 / Microsoft / the video game Dance Central. Fun fact: We used to be in a band together a long time ago with Shauna Lane called, "Hot Little Pieces of Ass". Ah, the good old days.

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