Monday, February 27, 2012


Who cares? The only reason I watch the Oscars is so I can tweet snarky obnoxious comments out into the world with almost no repercussion. Normally if I were to say those things about people I knew in the real world, I'd get punched or shunned or both. Unfortch I think I was tweeting with a tag that no one cared about, #Oscars2012, while others were tweeting just a simple #oscars. Ah, well, there's always the rest of my life.

The Oscars were not interesting or fun to watch, for the most part, except that I watched and live tweeted them for blog at their HQ in the Lower East Side of NYC with a handful of snarky others. The dialog my associate viewers launched at the TV - via real life and twitter - was the real show.

Here are some of my tweets as well as some of my favorite Oscar tweets of other twitterheads, enjoy, and don't say them out loud to the people they are about if you know them, or you may get kicked in the groin or shin area. Also, if you are the celebrity I said them about, a heh, uh, hey, I was just kidding! ha ha heh hmm.

Some of my twingers:

Just realized my mom looks exactly like Robert DeNiro

Owen Wilson, I love you, is that too much too fast?

Nick Nolte doesn't look great, but he doesn't look as bad as Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler

What would make this back flip montage really spectacular is just one wrong move

Eugene Levy looks like Vincent Price now

Hey rich people, why not stand up for black people before they win awards?

I dont know about hottest guy in the room, but Oscar probably has the fewest stds of all the guys in the room

Twingers I Liked:

"Just realized that it's a harder job to watch Billy Crystal host the #Oscars than for him to do it" - Comedian Liam McEneaney

"I remember when I was a kid and me and my family would live talk the Oscars." – Comedian Nikki Glaser

"The only people who look in the mirror and think, `Perfect!' are murderers and Bradley Cooper." – Writer / Tweeter Kelly Oxford

"People throw around the word "hero" too much. Use it for what it's for: a millionaire actor playing a disabled person." - Comedian Rob Delaney

"I like this years theme "Death of the Film Industry" - Comedian Jena Friedman

Hollywood is all smoke and mirrors. And by that I mean pot and cocaine.
- Comedian Wendy Liebman

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