Thursday, March 6, 2003

Don't Order A Bloody Mary At A Diner, Ever! (with Exclamations)

Don't Order A Bloody Mary At A Diner, Ever!
It is only going to bring you disappointment!
You will order the drink and it will come out too weak, too strong, too
Your waiter will be insulted if you ask him to take it back!
Because HE made it!
He will say, no! Just drink it!
Give it to your friend!
Hey, waiter, YOU drink it!
Cause I don't want it!
Then he takes it back, begrudgingly!
Only because you made a sad face! Unintentionally!
He brings you a milkshake!
Then he ignores you for forty five minutes!
Because he thinks you're an asshole!
Later, finally, he comes over to your table!
He makes a joke about you being a wimp!
He says, "She can't handle her drink!"
"She prefers chocolate milkshakes!"
And "Ha, ha, ha!"
Then he writes the check in front of your face!
And you check it twice!
Just to make sure!
He left off the Bloody Mary!