Friday, October 22, 2010


Holy hair cut, the rest of this month is going to be an everlasting gobstopper with shows up the yin AND the yang. Saturday night at 10 PM at the nutty yet adorable Theater 80, (80 St. Marks, NYC) join me for Jena Friedman's Refugee Girls Revue if you haven't already seen it. It's a musical political satire with boys wearing skirts and us all singing our esophaguses out.

On Sunday, be one of us at the Halloween Freakfest at Tompkins "Scare" Park, 2 pm til dusk. Us chickens will be singing, dancing and necromancing on the stage and show provided and produced by Our Lady of Perpetual PMS. This free show features a bunch of solid freaks, 100% guaranteed or your money back, bitch.

After that, I'll be skyping on into the Galway Comedy Festival alongside Neil Hamburger and others. It's gonna be internationally, internetically awesome. I will be able to perform from the comfort of my own home. I LOVE THE INTERNET.

Finally, I'll close out my weekend with a set of some experimental brand spankzy new material at Three of Cups on RG Daniel's show, which if I'm not mistaken is at 8 in the pizza. That's what the kids say now instead of PM. They say, hey, wanna come over for dinner? My mom's cooking Hamburger Helper around 8 in the pizza. Because kids are stupid because their brains are still forming.

There's a lot of other stuff also going on the rest of this month, including the Rejection Show "Cease and Decist" next Wednesday, 9:30 at UCB with Jon Friedman, Jena Friedman (not related), myself and others and the actual real live Gong Show (part 2) on Halloween at BB King's in Times Square. The last show was out of control, like a train on PCP. It was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen.

I used to do crazy Halloween shows with my old band Haunted Pussy every Halloween. We don't do them any more, now that the band has broken up, but I left up the website so that you can see how I used to party back in the bad old days.

Keep in touch. Thank you much.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peace! I mean, Two!

See anyone who looks familiar? I' m in this Italian Fiat commercial for two seconds, (but I think it's the French version of it) making a peace sign, or a number 2, which ever you prefer. I only wish I knew what the nice man was saying!

Ya wanna see more of that sweet, sweet lady? Come to Caroline's Comedy Club tomorrow (Wed) night around 7 PM and witness the magic at the Comedy Smack show, along with Tom Shillue, Jessie Cantrell and more!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Just sayin'...

I love Carolyn Castiglia for a lot of reasons. She's a sassy awesome funny mother, I mean of a child, and I guess I mean a sassy awesome funny mother %$cker, too.

She wrote this article about women in comedy and how they are eternally invisible and constantly ignored. You may be confused -- but I thought that women were doing alright these days? Well, maybe we're not all hanging out in the kitchen, barefoot and preggo while the menfolk are all off, busy earning all the bacon. But it is simply the truth that women in nearly every field still don't make as much money as men, which is messed up because many women are single mothers. The sexes are just not viewed as equal, even now, in comedy or elsewhere.

A misnomer: But aren't there more men in comedy than women?
The answer is no, but by the way the media covers comedy, you might think that...see Carolyn's story for more.

It's great to see so many women doing well in comedy. But the reason they are is because people like Carolyn and so many others before her had the fearlessness and continue to still tackle these issues now. And if we women want to continue to enjoy success and hope for bigger and better success in the future, we have to keep it up. So please pardon this interruption, you can go back to whatever you were doing now.

PS - I love this quote:

"There is a special place in hell for women who don't help other women" -- Madeline Albright

In case you're not sure, that means if you're a woman in a position of power and you can help a gal pal out, do it. K? And if you're a dude, this post doesn't mean I hate you or anything. I loooove men. Too much, even, sometimes. A fella'll get a ho into trubs. That's why I have long term boyfriends all the time, just in case you were wondering.

Now go have a nice Friday night!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's a bloated butt (or boat, depending on your preference)
of fun shows between the dates of NOW and Oct. 18

And finally, NEXT MONDAY Oct. 18: SHOWGASM @ Ars Nova

Of course Skits'N'Tits is going to be awesome, and so you're definitely going to be there, and you go every month, so you already know that it's at 308 Bowery @ 10 PM, and stars Onion editor Joe Garden, Dizzy Swank and Divina Gran Sparkle, as well as other great peeps. But that doesn't mean you should miss Jena Friedman's Refugee Girls Revue this and every Saturday night in October at 10 PM, at Theater 80, (formerly the theater known as "The Pearl") at
80 St. Marks @ 1st Ave, or that you should poo poo the Showgasm variety show, which is always a blast and celebrates the ANT Festival at Ars Nova, next Monday, 10/18. More details for the gaz below.

With your special guest host, Lucas Kavner
Monday (10/18) Doors @ 7:30

(And featuring a happy-half-hour with $2 beers from 7:30-8!)

Free to all, but reservations are a must and can be made here.

Help Ars Nova celebrate the start of ANT Fest
with drinks, friends and a great lineup of performers
who will keep things rowdy at everyone's favorite party/show.

Hosted by Ars favorite Lucas Kavner,
featured performers include:

And your house band, Goodbye Picasso!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

at Education Alliance, starring me as your teacher!

Sign up now and learn guitar basics with me. Classes start in October. I've been teaching guitar and ukelele lessons through an agency for about a year now and am really enjoying it. Come learn how to write ribald and delightfully demented songs of your own!

Check out this article in the Grand Street News (featuring my photo) for more info...

And if you're thinking of buying a guitar, I suggest checking out, which has free shipping, which I deem to be awesome.

Upcoming shows:

TONIGHT, Sat Oct. 9
10 PM
Theater 80,
80 St. Marks, $10

Monday Oct. 11
New Song Monday
@ NY Talent Show
308 Bowery
10:30 PM

Wed Oct 13
Skits'N'Tits: Halloween Edition
308 Bowery
10 PM
with Joe Garden (editor, The Onion)
and many more awesome people doing
burlesque, comedy, and making awesome-ness
$8 at the door

Friday, October 1, 2010

UK's Ian Todd "Untruths" Podcast,
@ 10 PM

I had the pleasure of talking to Ian Todd on his podcast about unicorns, my unrealistic crushes (Owen Wilson, etc) and what kind of discotheque I'd open (hint: mine would scare AND excite dancers) among other things. You can listen to our conversation HERE. I think mine is #4 now because I didn't post this sooner.

Also THIS SATURDAY get your tickets now online for REFUGEE GIRLS REVUE. This play, written by Jena Friedman, stars all your favorite comedians (many of them gay) such as Ben Lerman, Shawn Hollenbach, Benjamin Kissel and many others. You will laugh at this dark, demented play, where dudes you dig dress up as tween aged girls and re-enact scenes of disaster from around the world. And we all sing and dance. It's great! And only $10. OPENING NIGHT IS THIS SAT @ 10 PM, there may still be some tickets left.

THIS SAT, OCT 2 marks the
opening night of
Theater 80
80 St. Marks @ 1st Ave.
10 PM

Be there.