Tuesday, June 29, 2010

with Elliot Aronow
filmed at Santos Party House, NYC

This video makes me miss my long hair a lot. But it's OK, it will grow back really fast, like head weeds. That is how my hair works. Trust me, I know. I've had it for a long time.

I cut my hair short once about 8 years ago and dyed it red -- my bf at the time said I looked like big bird. What a dick!

Elliot is a real sweetie pie and a cutie, too, laaaa-deeeez, and he apparently is "straight". He is a zippy dresser, he's funny and I'm going to guess Jewish, (which I consider to be a pro always) but I could be wrong, I don't really have great J-dar. He also runs a terrific website called RCRD LBL where you can get free music for frickin' free, including the mp3 of my song, "I Wanna Be Famous". You're welcome.

Speaking of "I Wanna Be Famous", this is a live version of my "homeless" joke and my song, "I Wanna Be Famous". Enjoy!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday @ Talent Show

New song -- watch Diane-osaur Egg O'Debra and Victor Varnado's www.nyctalentshow.com around 11 PM or come to 308 Bowery @ 10:30 PM to hear this historical musical event take place.

Obligatory whine / lecture: No one ever votes for my new songs! WTF?

Update: I'm recording a new album!! Elbow elbow huzzah!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Haunted Picnic @ NY Marble Cemetery, Dusk Vid Shoot, 
Tell Your Friends Wrap Party, 50 Best Jokes, 

It's been a pretty exciting past couple days around here. I'll try to keep it brief, which, warning, is not something that I do well. 

Monday, June 21st marked my 3rd year participating in Make Music New York which I celebrate by throwing an annual creepy but loveable Haunted Picnic at NY Marble Cemetery. It's located down that black wrought iron gate on 2nd Ave between 2nd and 3rd Sts, which is always closed. Normally reserved for junkies and the dead, we took it over from 3-7 PM. When I got there, there were a crowd of eager beavers waiting outside the gates to be let in, which made me really happy to see. It was a beautiful day, the summer solstice (as much as I try to avoid my hippiedom, it chases me down and hippifies me) and one of my guest's - Isaac Gut's birthday, who reminds me of a young Jackson Browne. All the performers were great - Tibbie X and Desmond, Kyle Thompson, Dr. Steamwhipple, I sang a few songs, we had a lovely drop-in aka Jennifer Blowdryer and the living were very appreciative of our Lady of Perpetual PMS's delicious home made food and being able to enjoy the gorgeous cemetery in picnic form. The music was acoustic only, caretaker Caroline says it's to protect the fragile stones of the cemetery, but I think it's to not wake the dead. 

Attendees watch Dr. Steamwhipple's classical crazy fingers

A sleeping picnic patron

Tibbie X and Desmond

The only scary thing that happened was when I had to pee -- the funeral home next door graciously let me borrow their bathroom, but I couldn't find the light! So I had to pee in the dark at a funeral home. Can anyone say horror movie plot? 

NY Press kind of covered it, but the journalist left before the party really started kickin'. In all fairness, the real party did get started kind of late, in true New York fashion. Parties even get started late in cemeteries in New York. 

The Haunted Picnic was so wonderful, we've decided to possibly do another one on the equinox in September, so keep your earballs out and I'll keep you posted. I believe it falls on Sept. 23rd but I'm not sure. 

Jennifer Blowdrywer

Isaac Gut

Yesterday, a group of my friends and I got together in a beautiful alley not far from my house and filmed the video for "Don't Rape Me", the song I play on a rape whistle. It was really terrific and I couldn't have asked for a better, more rape-y looking / ass kicking cast and crew. The backdrops and actors were so perfect. We smelled pee and tolerated vicious noise pollution to make this video. Here is a sneak peak at what the fruits of our hard work will turn into in the coming weeks. 

The guys in formation for their choreographed dance

After our shooting, we went back to my house and grabbed some food and relaxed for a bit. I then remembered my friends Victor Varnado and Liam McEneaney were having a wrap party for their concert film, "Tell Your Friends" which they shot at the Bell House. Myself and a few close pals dropped into the party, said congrats, had a few drinks (open bar!) and a slice of the amazing cakes that are always baked for Liam's shows. Lots of luck to them with this great new film, I'm sure you'll hear more about it soon. 

Tonight is Cogan / O'Donnell / Li 50 Best Jokes at 92Y. I'm going to be dropping a new piece of work on y'all and so I hope you can make it! It's an awesome show. More details here, get your tix in advance, there's a chance it will sell out cause it's that friggin' good.

TTYL birches.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Monday, June 21 * 4-7 PM

Come one, come all to the free HAUNTED PICNIC at the NY MARBLE CEMETERY, located at 41 ½ 2nd Avenue between 2nd & 3rd Streets in Manhattan.

Every year, in celebration of the Make Music New York festival -- a city wide day of live music on the streets of all 5 boroughs -- and in honor of the deceased, musician JESSICA DELFINO presents an afternoon of picnic-snacks and performances on the lush green acre tucked down a hidden alley in the NY MARBLE CEMETERY. Oft sealed with a foreboding wrought iron gate, the cemetery is generally closed to the public, so the HAUNTED PICNIC is a great chance to visit this beautiful square of land, untouched by the hands of time (albeit surrounded by signs of it) and located right in the heart of the EAST VILLAGE. This event takes place RAIN or SHINE.

With a variety of musical guests playing guitar, ukulele and more -- acoustic only, to protect the fragile stones from loud vibrations -- home-made snacks, beverages and even flowering and berry bearing trees – all MUST HAVES for any HAUNTED PICNIC!

Attendees often wear white, bring blankets, books, their own snacks or simply a curious mind, lie back and listen to the music.

The NY MARBLE CEMETERY holds ancestors of New York City – ships captains, sea merchants and their families. No person can be lain to rest there unless they are a descendant of those who currently reside there. Our host and caretaker, Carolyn, is one such person, and she will be onsite to answer questions. The MARBLE CEMETERY is also used for events, such as weddings, parties and even movie sets. You can read more about the NY MARBLE CEMETERY here: www.marblecemetery.org.

This event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and fun for the whole family. Bring granny and the kids! Admission is FREE, snacks and beverages are on sale for modest prices, or bring your own, but please NO GLASS ALLOWED in the cemetery. We do hope to see you there MONDAY JUNE 21st from 4-7 PM!





Tibbie X and Kenny Young of X-Possibles sing rockin-Zombie-blues

Kyle Thompson sings wily-emo indie songs

The Pride of the Lower East Side recants spooky spoken historical stories, accompanied by Sam from Wombat in Combat/Team Spider

Lady charmer Isaac Gut plays and sings like a young Jackson Browne

Dr. Steamwhipple will amaze you with his classical guitar stylings and his fire fingers

Jessica Delfino presents a rare all-ages set of folk music "gone wrong", including songs about unicorns and what not, played on guitar, ukulele and electronic autoharp (Q-chord)

..and some other special drop-in (living) guests!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jessica Delfino & some pals 
8:30 PM
Gershwin Hotel
7 E. 27th St. btw 5th & Broadway

What are you doing this Friday night around 8:30? I have the perfect suggestion...

Dirty & obnoxious, yet irresistibly lovable icky guitar and ukulele jams by Jessica Delfino & Ben Lerman (longish sets), stand up comedy by the devilishly, delightfully demented Jena Friedman and witty, playful Jordan Ferber. Emceed by the handsome and clever Clayton Gumbert

It's $15 at the door or if you click THIS LINK RIGHT HERE and confirm (facebook invite) tickets are $10. 

Drinks served by a live human person in the adorable room that looks straight out of Being John Malkovich. 

See you there, rabies and dental dams.

Friday, June 11, 2010

TODAY: Figment Festival on Governor's Island
2:30 - 3:30 at Admiral's House


I will be doing a performance at the Figment Festival today, Friday, 2:30 - 3:30 on Governor's Island at the Admiral's House. If you've never been to Governor's Island, this is the perfect opportunity for you to check it out. There is a free ferry that goes about every half hour, leaving from the boat dock right NEXT to the Staten Island Ferry depot. It's to the LEFT in a quaint building, and there will probably be a line to get on it. You can bring your BIKE (recommended) and explore all the great art which will be all over the island. This festival is completely FREE. Bring a picnic, a friend, a pal you like to kiss, a discreet bottle, some smokey smokey or whatever else you like to bring with you when you venture to boutique islands, and check out the festival. ALL WEEKEND. 

However, my performance will be TODAY, 2:30 - 3:30 PM. But you'll probably be working then -- "get sick" and leave early -- you will really thank me for insisting you head out to Governor's Island on what is guaranteed to be a really lovely afternoon. 

Pick up a map and look for me at THE ADMIRAL'S HOUSE. My project is called, "Love In Absentia" and is about what happens when love takes a trip across the sea for a few months, leaving important things at home. 

PS -- You can bring YOUR art, if it's easy enough to transport, and join in the festival. More information about FIGMENT can be found right HERE.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Skits'N'Tits B-day + "The Room" edition TONITE,
A little press in a zebra dress & NPR's Hidden World of Girls

I did this interview with Nabewise a few weeks ago, I love the idea for the site (it's all about the different neighborhoods in big cities and who / what makes them tick). Check it out HERE.

And tonight is Skits'N'Tits with new sketches, comedy, burlesque, birthday cake (my forever 21 bday was yesterday), a screening of cult hit film The Room at midnight (we will provide spoons), 2 for 1 PBRs (that's 2 PBRs for $3!!), great raffle prizes from Kong Magazine (a free membership), PBR and a hat made by burlesque whiz Little Stormy. 

This is going to be a great show and it's kicking off at 10 PM tonight at 308 Bowery. Don't miss it!
$8 at the door. Get there early for a good seat. See you then and there! Please no presents, JUST BRING YOU.

Finally, NPR's "Hidden World of Girls" is a great show and I'm glad to have been a part of it. Learn more about it and hear my story HERE.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

JD on NPR's Morning Edition, 
and I'm quoted on www.MichaelMoore.com

I was quoted on www.MichaelMoore.com today via an interview I did a few days ago with Associated Press at the BP oil protest on Houston Street. 

I never wanted to "be" an activist, an artist, a dirty mouthed folk musician. These were all ideas that chose me. When I was a little girl, I had a dream of driving a white BMW with beige interior -- it was a shared fantasy my wealthier girlfriends had planted into my head. I didn't know how I'd get this BMW, I guess I figured when it came time for me to drive it, it'd just drop out of the sky with a giant bow wrapped around it, like where babies might as well come from in any dumb kid's head. 

I grew up in a cave called the state of Maine, and was sheltered enough to avoid politics, activism and everything else -- bagels, gays, sushi and more. I had no idea that these things even existed until I moved to NYC. Here, the hypocrisy and dealings in regards to politics that I experienced made me physically ill. I vowed to avoid politics and lie low in regards to activism, because it reminded me of everything that was wrong with human beings.

The assault on the ocean has made it impossible for me to do that. I realize I'm blessed with a big mouth, and lucky to have a good enough brain to implement this yap of mine. I was raised near the ocean and spent my life on the water. I'm a dolphin, I value the ocean immensely, and my new dream is to live on a beautiful paradise island, someday -- one that oil doesn't wash up onto the shore of. To me, the ocean holds much magic, and as you may have gathered, magic is something that has much meaning and metaphor in my life. 

Unfortunately, my power isn't that great yet -- but I don't care. If power was measured in iotas and I had one iota of power, I will use every scintilla of that iota to do what I can. I'd also like to hear about what you've done, or what you're doing, and how I can help. 

Oh yeah, and this Thursday, I'll be on NPR's Morning Edition. I forgot what my message sounds like, so let's just hope I didn't say anything too utterly embarrassing. However, when you're me, it's kind of hard to get embarrassed :)