Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was very ecstatic after feeling like the least famous person (like an old sausage) on the panel
at Match Game Live last Sunday alongside such stars as Judy Gold, Michael Musto, Frank DeCaro,
Hannibal Burress and Becky Donohue -- to have a friend approach me with not one, but TWO
magazines featuring -- that's right -- ME!

First, I was honored to be included in the cover story of City Scoops Magazine:

Photo Credit -- Jessica Delfino as Bilge Baron by Crystal Selbee

Next, I was delighted (and honored too) to be part of this triad story in CLAM Magazine (it's really almost TOO fitting of a magazine for me!)

Top it off with a SWEET little article in Digital City written by the super fab Corn Mo, it's shaping up as
a pretty fat week of press, and it's not even Wednesday yet.

As you can possibly imagine, it's not EASY to get any press up in this bitch of a world. So it felt
pretty super awesome to see these pieces.

Thanks to Corn Mo, Larry Getlin and Ghurron Briscoe.

xs and os,

PS -- Whatcha doin Sun July 5 (day after July 4?)
Come see my run through of my Scotland show, "I Wanna Be Famous"
at Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, 6 pm (early show)
$5! Free yummy baked goods (last time it was cocoa banana cake) and
please stay after for a Q&A and fill out a customer service form with your
feedback about the show.

And don't forget Skits'N'Tits, Wed, July 8, 10 PM with FREE PBR at 12-12:30 am!!!! What? Yes!!!

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Thompkins Square Park -- Attack of the Alpha Women!
@ Thompkins Square Park, 7th and Ave A (listen for noises of music and fun, locate large stage)

2:00 - 2:05: Opening remarks: Our Lady of PPMS (me)
2:05 - 2:20: KILLER KILLY (subsersive-comedic songs)
2:20 - 2:35: MICHELLE LEONA: (haunting and horny accordian songs)
2:35 - 2:45: RACHEL CLEARY: (political storyteller)
2:45 - 2:50: SARAH B. (punk teen poet sensation)
2:50 - 3:05: ROSIE REBEL: (showcases her bra inventions...on roller skates!)
3:05 - 3:15: JENNIFER BLOWDRYER: (LES writer)
3:15 - 3:25: JERIN ALAM: (speaker - Women's Rights Coalition)
3:25 - 3:50: NEOANGIN: (one man electronics-gone-mad-art band from Berlin w/paintings & masks www.neoangin.info)
3:50 - 4:10: JESSICA DELFINO: (raunchy, insurgent rock & folk)
(debut of the Teen Girl Indie Pop-Rock Players!)
LONE VEIN 4:35 - 5:00: (Day of The Dead-inspired gloom tunes www.lonevein.com)
RUBBER ROOM RATS 5:00 - 5:30: (Female-fronted freaky post-punk www.myspace.com/rubberroomrats)
DETHRACE 5:30 - 6:00: (a theatrical art rock experience...10 ft. tall fiberglass super-robots, playing 666 volts of metal! www.myspace.com/dethracemf)

61 E. 4th St. (again, listen for noises of music and fun, locate large stage)

3-3:30PM Decibel [Josh Weinstein]
3:30-3:45PM Geographical History of America [Randi Rivera]
3:45-4PM Ms. Sarah Palin
4-4:15PM Erin Markey and the Free Liquor and a Place to Sleepettes
4:15-4:30PM BREAK
4:30-4:45PM V-Love [Scout Durwood]
4:45-5:00PM Dred [Mildred Gerestant]
5:00-5:45PM Tongue in Public [Erik Simon]
5:45-6:15PM Diane O’Debra
6:15-6:30PM Ben Lerman
6:30-6:45PM Jessica Delfino
7PM Event ends
Phun Times in Philadelphia

Every time I go to Philly I have a good time. I did a show there on Thursday night. It was
an "all Edgar Allen Poe" themed show, with "Edgar Allen Poe" taking questions and reading
some of his poems, a 10 year old kid told the poem of the Raven with a big cardboard cut out
of a backdrop which 'killed', (I was kinda scared to follow her), Dame Darcy hosted and sang
her murder ballads and sea shantees on her banjo, a haunted witch band "Goddess" sang a
few numbers, a scholarly writer guy talked about how Poe actually belonged in Philadelphia,
and then I went up and knocked it out of the park with a few funny songs about the sorrows of love
and life. (Believe it or not, sorrow can be funny!)

Some of the highlights of the trip:

Darcy had a doll making workshop at the Latvian Society, so I jumped on the Megabus (awesome
bus with free wifi, $5-$8, sometimes $1 tickets!) at 2 and by 4 was sitting in front of clay and ribbon.
In the workshop was a really sweet girl named Becky who had a tea shop around the corner. She
invited Darcy and I over for tea, and I wasn't really sure what to expect when she said "I have a
tea shop in my living room". But it was an interesting enough statement for me to want to check
it out. We rolled up after getting a ride from a nice Latvian named Didzis, and strolled in with our
mouths dropped open. It was a beautiful little shop in a building she had purchased and remodeled
herself with the help of friends. The tea shop contained all kinds of cute little antiques and odds and
ends, including chess set tables and very cozy chairs. She made us some fresh Chai from scratch
that was literally the best Chai I've ever tasted, which we sipped in lovely dark mugs while her cute pooch
watched, napped and guarded the fort.

The Random Tea Room & Curiosity Shop and Becky

We couldn't stay for long, though, because my
Philadelphia Fan Club President Mike arrived shortly thereafter to whisk us away to dinner. He took
us to Horizons, a mid-fancy vegetarian joint on S. 7th Street. We ate a super delicious meal and then
went back to the show.

The show was fun and strange, highlights for me were Darcy dressed as a mermaid playing her Sea
Shantees and accidentally running into an old friend I met in Scotland named Mavi, who looked great and is so
much fun. I also really enjoyed meeting Laris, the guy who put the show together, he was really sweet.
And I had a great time bullshitting with Mike, my Philly Chapter fan club president. He's the best
fan club prez a girl could ever ask for.

Poe Show Stage

Phun times in Philadelphia
Darcy dressed as a mermaid, watching the show

I got off stage and ran out the door to catch my bus back to Philly, which I made just before it tore down
the highway.

Buses. Running. Shows with strange themes. Ahhhh the life of a performer.

Friday, June 26, 2009


super duper FREE show:
@ Sidewalk Cafe, Ave A at 7th St.
8 PM

An hour of Ben and Jessica trading songs, jokes and war stories.
If you've never seen Bessica perform before, this is a DO*NOT*MISS
show. The two of them have the passion of lovers and the comedy timing
of angry lovers, and are in love, but Ben is gay and Jessica only dresses
like a gay man.

Plus, look at the picture Ben made for the show -- unbelievable! Someone
come tonight and buy that man a beer.


If you haven't heard yet, duuuhhhh, the king of pop, Michael Jackson
has died. I have some theories about it (some of which involve conspiracies, hooray!)
but I won't get into them right now. Instead, I'll leave this topic for the other 50,000
carnivorous comedians to tear it apart! I'm a vegetarian. I try not to devour the remains
of the dead.

Though there are some who believe that he may have "jacked" to your "son" (I couldn't help it)
I don't believe it. Again, I have theories that I won't get into. I think he was the one who was jacked. I think his whole life was really sad. The only funny part to me are the tween girls all over the world who will be doing seances, hoping that the man in the mirror they conjure up, is in fact, Michael Jackson. (Hint: It's not. MJ wouldn't hang around with you when he was alive, and he won't be now that he's gone.)

It's also really gotten into my psyche, and got me thinking about my own mortality, and the toll that being a performer / dancing monkey has on your body and mind. I'm sure the many surgeries and drugs didn't help matters, either. And I believe he was probably realllly depressed and sad, which I truly believe will kill you quicker than anything else.

Rest In Peace, MJ.

And poor Farrah Faucet, the beautiful feathered haired actress who died of cancer. Did the press really have to share the "anal" part of her cancer so enthusiastically? Wouldn't it have just been enough to say, "She died of cancer" ? Did they really have to explain what part she had cancer in? Why drag her ass through the mud? The press has no class. It also really boggles me that a woman got anal cancer. It makes me wonder what she was doing in her free time, though I think that many kinds of cancers are hereditary. Poor Farrah! Poor MJ! Heaven help this world! Ahhhhghghhshhdhh!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


The rest of this week features two "out of town" shows including rare appearances in Staten Island and Philadelphia. So zip on over in your zip car and let's do this.

Wed, June 24th
2nd Annual Staten Island Comedy Festival
The Bistro on Hylan Blvd
with Yannis Pappas and Mad Dog
Bistro Restaurant - www.bistro2000.com
2561 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island - (718) 987-1700

Thursday, June 25th
Latvian Society
531 N. 7th St.
Philadelphia, PA
Murder Ballads, Shanties, and other Poe-etics featuring Dame Darcy & Ben Smiley, Jessica Delfino, Helen McKenna-Uff, Fern Knight, Yellow Humphrey - Latvian Society (7th & Spring Garden), Philadelphia, PA
More Info Here

Friday, June 26th
Ben and Jessica are Besties In Love
8 PM
Sidewalk Cafe
@ corner of 7th St. and Ave A
Bessica do an hour of songs, jokes and comedy, just the way you like it -- well done!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Run through of "MORE Dirty Folk Rock -- Dirtier, Folkier, Rockier" TONITE

6 PM
308 Bowery

Come on by and play "director" for an hour -- come to the run through
of my show, eat some free brownies, see Jena Friedman open the show
(she's funny!) and give me your feedback!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hump day is a good day for Delfino fun...

The Pit Theater
7:30 PM
with Micah Sherman and others!!

Rodeo Bar
8:30 PM
with Matt Maragno and others!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SUPER SWEET REVIEW of skits'n'tits

Check it out HERE

Don't forget to catch the NEXT skits'n'tits on WED JULY 8 at 10 PM. That show will feature lots of burlesque from Dominatrixxx and others, rock band Tigers and Monkeys fronted by the SHAC show's Shonali, That's the last one before I, Ms. Delfino, departs for the U.K. for a little sojourn. But don't cry -- Diane and Steph will hold down the fort for Aug!

PS -- Here's something fun to watch -- it features me on my rape whistle with Chris "Shockwave" Sullivan in Union Square. Enjoy!

Monday, June 15, 2009


Arienne Cohen finally went and did it -- and by it, I mean published a book for tall people. She, 6'3", has lots to say on the topic. A writer for New York Magazine, NY Times and more, Arienne is a witty words-lady and she knows what she's doing. So if you're tall or have a tallie in your life, treat them to some high times, and purchase The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life From On High. The book is now available at Amazon.com:


From an email from Arienne:

"Here's a little update: Yesterday I went on the CBS Early Show, and you can see the clip of me talking tall here:

Publisher's Weekly put up the first review here: http://www.publishersweekly.com/article/CA6660208.html?industryid=47159

And the book will be in People magazine this coming week (June 22 issue)! So far, so good. It will be in bookstores June 16th. Thanks so much for your support."

Good luck to Arienne from one tall mama (I'm 5'9", not quite as tall as Arienne) to another...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

THIS is almost too upsetting to read

I love my cute adorable kitty Miss Puss who some of you may recall from her supporting roles in "Jessica's Chest Of Treasures".
So I was super troubled to read this article about a teen who was arrested for mutilating pets. This article really hurts me in myriad ways, bc the teen they arrested is just as adorable as a kitten himself, and reminds me of one of my favorite adults who plays a teen on the big screen, and that's one Mr. Michael Cera.

Michael-Cera-resembling Florida teen, how could you do this? (If the (Florida) Keystone Cops actually indeed have the right person.) You're too cute to kill cats.

Friday, June 12, 2009



Northside Festival at Jack The Pelican, 487 Driggs, btw. N. 9/N.10. Williamsburg, BKLN. FREE. Jessica Delfino performs at 5 PM. Other acts listed at: http://extremeNY.com


AND: Bloodwrestling Fest TONITE! Plus live music and activities. $10 suggested donation. Jessica Delfino performst at 8:30, along with Trachtenburgh Family Slideshow Players, Michelle Leona and MORE!
202 Rivington, no jerks allowed.


AND: STREET MEAT!! 8 PM at CAKESHOP on Ludlow btw. Stanton and Rivington. with Heather Fink, Andrew W.K., Jessica Delfino as Gozar the Gozarian and more!!! $5

Hope to see you at one of the above locations!

Our new SKITS'N'TITS video is UP! We'd like to give a special thanks to our sponsors, Alcojuanicaine. Watch it on Funny or Die and vote Funny, or nothing will happen.

NEXT SKITS'N'TITS: Wed., July 8 -- be there!

Friday, June 5, 2009

WANTED: YOUR feedback!

Sat June 20 @ 6 PM sharp – one hour show – one night only! Introduction by Jena Friedman

308 Bowery btw. Houston and 1st St.

Though publicly denounced by the Catholic League, Youtube sensation Jessica Delfino’s show, “DIRTY FOLK ROCK” sold out during it’s 2009 London Soho Theatre run. Now, she returns to the UK with “MORE Dirty Folk Rock – Dirtier, Folkier, Rockier” and special guest NYC comedian Jena Friedman. Before Jessica leaves NYC, she’ll be pre-screening the show in its’ sole US appearance, and YOU are invited to this one-night-only event.

Enjoy free homemade goodies during the show and please stick around
to fill out a brief survey with your thoughts and feedback after the presentation.

ABOUT JESSICA AND THE SHOW: Jessica Delfino tells jokes, sings songs, and plays guitar, flying V ukulele, rape whistle, Q chord and more in this “one woman variety show”. In "MORE Dirty Folk Rock -- Dirtier, Folkier, Rockier", Jessica gets even more down and dirty, doing what she loves to do best. A sampling of what the press has said about Jessica’s performances:

"[A] comedy rock star. . . brilliant comedian/musician Jessy Delfino." --ComedyCentral.com

"Jessica Delfino has sang, danced, and comedianed her way to LES notoriety--some feat." --Time Out New York

"We were immediately stuck to our seats stunned and smiling as Jessica Delfino engaged us in tune after tune...She is funny. And smart." -- Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) & Byron Coley, Arthur Magazine

"Critics' Choice...Supremely witty...smart and edgy...we've been playing this quirky New York songsters album 'I Wanna Be Famous' all week and can't wait to see her live." -- Time Out London

"The attractive and ballsy female comedian who grabbed the audience's attention from her entrance, Delfino has a way of making you hang on her every word” --The Portland [Maine] Phoenix

"A stirring show of ribald folk songs. There's more to this seriously talented comic songwriter than jokes...a tough show to top" -- London METRO

"High Times Unsigned Band of the Week" --High Times

See her full bio at: www.wikipedia.com/wiki/jessica_delfino