Saturday, April 30, 2011



*I almost posted the one of you dancing in a gypsy bikini!!*

and also:
M A R A Y A Radio Days

*I will be interviewed from about 3 PM - 330 PM*
*Listen in or drop by to say hello!*

WHO: Everyone is invited to the LES if you’re in town and, if not, listen in on your computer

WHEN: Sunday, May 1st Noon - 4pm EST

WHERE: In front of M A R A Y A 87 Orchard Street, btwn Broome & Grand

TRAINS: B D Grand St, F, M, J Essex/Delancey St

HOW: Go to

& click on the Listen Live link.

Shows will be archived so you can listen afterward.

WHAT: M A R A Y A, the Lower East Side's newest cigar shop& NYC's newest brand of cigar is hosting an afternoon of interviews of local LES businesses with unique, artisanal offerings.

Restaurants will bring something from their menu to sample.

M A R A Y A will have specials on cigar & chocolate as well as a place to smoke our cigars.

(Cigars start at about $9 each)

WHY: Because Orchard Street is the coolest,

hottest NYC destination.

It’s not to be missed!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Look What I Did Yesterday:
Window Design at Juniper Galaxy

I was totally honored last week when my friend Sine Hjort emailed me and asked me to come to her super chic brooklyn boutique Juniper Galaxy and design the window for her. It's not something I've ever done before though anyone know knows me knows that I enjoy fashion and definitely know how to have fun with clothes, because I went to art school and so I have that art school background and the kooky confidence to wear (and do) just about whatever I want. Who has a sense of entitlement? I do, I do!

I could put whatever I wanted on the mannequin, who goes by "Kristen" and I have to admit, it was pretty fun. It was like a grown up game of Barbie dolls. I also brought some paper to cut and use and I loaned the window my flying V ukulele, as well. And here's the finished product, drumroll, please:

I have to admit, I'm pretty proud of my work. It took me about 3 hours to dress Kristen and put the window together. I have never dressed a mannequin before so I was pretty mortified the first time her arm fell off in my hand. I drew lips on the mannequin and a temporary tattoo on her breast. I also splatter painted the front of the window in glitter paint, black and green. Kristen's outfit is goth-y and punk but with a touch of cute, like me.

If you happen to find yourself at or near 82 Bond Street btw. Atlantic Ave. and State St., around the Boerum Hill / Fulton Street / Fort Greene area in Brooklyn, be sure to drop by, visit Juniper Galaxy, say hi to Sine and see the window. This place is a great secret -- Sine is where I get some of my really best, finest clothes and accessories.

For example, check out these awesome headphones I scored at Juniper Galaxy, by Spitfire!

They are only $35 and are so cool. Mine are in white.

The prices are also really affordable. Sine is the coolest - a gorgeous renaissance woman and independent business owner, and she's done it all. She was in a touring band that traveled the world and has all kinds of amazing and hilarious stories. She's a really neat person and I'm very honored to have been a part of this project which incorporates artists and performers designing her store window.

Store Info:
Juniper Galaxy
Sine Hjort, owner
82 Bond St. (btw Atlantic Ave. and State St.)
Brooklyn, NY (Boerum Hill)
A/C/G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn, 2/3/4/5 to Nevins St.


open Tue - Sun 12-7

Monday, April 25, 2011


Last year, I played a featured role in this film where I was required to wear pin up lingerie. It's not a porn, though, it's a thoughtful 40 minute film about a relationship, directed by Silvana Jakich. It is now screening at the very exclusive and lovely Norwood Club in NYC this Wednesday, April 27. Screenings at 7 PM and 8 PM. RSVP for free tickets to jess delfino at yahoo dot com. Limited seating available.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Get ready for a weekend of
Free Clothes, Ass Kicking Ladies & Ukuleles
and BONUS: An Easter Memory

Unless you're not into any of those awesome things, which is fine, I guess, in it's own way. This Friday, April 22, come catch Ladies Who Punch in the East Village, with your host Katrin Hier, who does terrific characters and is just simply put, very funny. 7 PM, $5, more info is located to the right bar ------->

This Saturday, April 23, which also happens to be Earth Day, is going to be the longest day of my life. Come on over to NYU's Kimmel Center to bring a bag of clothes and get some gently used threads to call your own. The event goes from 2-6 PM. Spring cleaning, donating, recycling, shopping, call it what you will, I call it FREE CLOTHES. I am emceeing and helping to coordinate the event as I do every year, and it is always very awesome. More info located to the right bar ------>

Also on Saturday, starting at 7 PM, one of the last dive bars in the East Village hosts Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, a Gorgeous Ladies of Bloodwrestling (G.L.O.B.) event: Live lady warriors wrestle in fake blood to punk rock. Our Lady of Perpetual P.M.S. has been producing these wrestling events for several years now and she won't be a young ass kickin vixen forever so get your booty out there to see (fake) lady blood and guts on the floor, as these babes drop kick it out. As ridiculous as regular wrestling, but much funnier and hotter. Half-time entertainment burlesque by Miss Poppy Seed and ribald anthems by ME. Free admission, more details located to the right bar --------> (and flyer located below)

FINALLY, my night will come to a blessed end with a quick stop into NYC Ukulele Salon @ Googie's Lounge, upstairs at The Living Room. The show starts at 8 PM and features no less than and no more than 4 ukulele performers. I will be going on stage at 10 PM with a half hour set of ukulele only songs. Admission is free. Please come and bring me some water and a protein bar. More details located to the right bar ------->

If you are a friend who hasn't seen me in awhile, I just gave you four awesome opportunities to to see me this weekend while also finding underground entertainment for free or something like it, right here in the capital of adventure, NYC.

TTFN...and Happy Easter, if Jesus rising from the dead is your thing. Here is the bonus I promised, for those of you who read this entry in it's entirety (thank you): I admit, I do celebrate Easter just like every other Christian holiday, with friends, family and food, and lots of it. I learned it from watching my people, colorful Italians that they are -- the Rizzos and Delfinos. But honestly, I'm mostly in it for the chocolate and hilarity. One of my life's greatest and most cherished memories is my mom taking my sisters and I to church on Easter and getting spanked in church (and out into the parking lot as we tried to avoid my mother's frustrated swats) because we were unable to control our chuckles which eventually gave way to snort laughter at a tall, goofy, ridiculously enthusiastic baritone who was singing hymns with all his heart and might. Ahhh, memories.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Deb Twiss's "IN BETWEEN"
in Soho Intl Film Festival

I met Deborah Twiss on the set of a Zombie Etiquette shoot, who are, by the way, the sweetest lot of zombies you'd ever want to meet.

Deborah's film is in the Soho International Film Festival tomorrow, Wed 4/20 at 3:20 PM, which I'm going to see, because I am luckily not a slave to the man and can do things like that in the afternoon. The film delves into the events of 9/11 to some extent and sounded really interesting when I heard her describe it in the Zombie Etiquette interview.

You can see Deborah's interview with Zombie Etiquette (and me too, kind of...) below.

Let's go support this driven actress and neat woman. You can buy your tickets here. I can't think of a better way to spend Hitler's birthday.

Friday, April 15, 2011

April 14, 2011

The city's yearly "Poem In Your Pocket" day came and went this year. They forgot to send me an email to remind me to enter again. Winning entries were considered for print in the NY Metro. If ya pick up a copy, tell me if there were any good ones. NYC encouraged people to tweet entries yesterday, and used the one I wrote last year in this year's press release.

@jessicadelfino: I play music in the subways/to make NYC a better place/Mr. Bloomberg, don't forget/to hop off the 6 train for a quick duet

Ginsberg would've been...proud?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

2 Minute Interview with Jessica Delfino

We're here with Jessica Delfino, comedian / musician who also likes to make crafts, write stuff and bake, but she never gets fat. This dynamo also never ages. Wow! What's it like to be you, Jessica?

JD: Well, it can be challenging, but I sleep lying down in a waterbed with satin sheets on it, just like everyone else.

Jessica, what is sexy to you?

JD: A bubbaliciuos babboonish balloon soccer butt (athletic / proportionate) that has the consistency of one of those goo filled stress balls. I like to chew on it like bubble gum, the way a cat eats her placenta.

Where is your favorite place?

JD: Edinburgh, Scotland, a gorgeous mysterious city of death which tries to tear what dreams you have from you like a babe from its' mothers arms.

O-kay. Anything else you'd like to add?

JD: I'm growing a garden. It has a gnome in it. Follow me on twitter.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


If you've never been to Seth Herzog's SWEET show before, well, as Phil Collins famous quotes in his song, "Tonight," "Tonight tonight's the night, wooaaaahhhhh." If that's not enough to get your booty-licious bottom into a pair of trousers and out of the house, well, how about a little convincing from the song, "Tonight" from the play "West Side Story," in which it is sung, "Tonight, tonight, won't be just any night..."

Do you need more convincing? OK, how about a little Rod Stewart. "Tonight's the night", he famously warbles, "It's gonna be alright." Shall I go on? I will answer for you. No, I think I've made my point pretty clear. So buckle up those galoshes and tighten those boot straps or shoe laces. This is a great show and you will love it. I went one time and I saw Zach Gally-fun-khakis there. And I saw tons of other awesome and funny people there. And I'll see you tonight at:

9 Ave A, just North of Houston
8:30 PM

And tomorrow, I'll be at Scott Moran's Rubber Bullets -- this show is simply great. Free show, always a great line up. $2 and $3 drinks. I went one time and Louis CK was there. You will love-like it.

UC Lounge
87 Ludlow
btw Broome & Delancey
9 PM