Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear friends in the Massachusetts area, please post this to your blog, spread the word, share it with your friends, mark that you're attending on the Facebook Invite and help Gloucester, MA to enjoy the dirty times about to fall upon them like acid snow that tastes like candy. 

Thank you and see ya in Gloucester THIS TUESDAY!



Jessica Delfino presents “DIRTY FOLK ROCK” in Gloucester, MA
Ribald ditties abound at Cape Ann Community Cinema

Jennifer Hanson
(347) 878-7769

March 3, 2010
Cape Ann Community Cinema
21 Main St., Gloucester, MA. 01930
Doors at 7:30 PM

Glitters, sprinkles, rainbow fluff: A) the first few words of a kids’ song? Or, B) the opening line of an edgy, electro-pop number which got Jessica publicly denounced by the US Catholic League, sealed her first record deal and sent her on a UK tour where she had sell out shows? That would be “B”. 

Introducing Jessica Delfino. Originally hailing from Damariscotta, Maine, Jessica now calls New York City her home, but she spends a good amount of her time on the road these days, sharing her “dirty folk rock” with anyone who will listen. And it turns out there are actually plenty of people who are ready to hear Jessica’s often comedic, sometimes naughty ballads, anthems and musical numbers. 

Much of the award-winning songstress’s repertoire addresses the darker side of life, as in her song, “I Hate Everybody”, or deconstructs sex acts posing as anti-war campfire songs, as in her song, “No More War”. In some songs, she keeps it clean, discussing unicorns and the like. Her bevy of unusual instruments include the normal enough guitar, but then she adds to that an “emergency whistle”, a “q-chord”, and a “flying V ukulele”, and you’ve got “fun for the whole family,” Jessica explains, “except for the kids.” 

Jessica recently performed at the world famous Reading & Leeds Festival in England where Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain famously rolled himself out onto the stage in a wheel chair some years ago. Jessica’s work has appeared on TV, radio and she was just this week touted as one of “NYC’s 50 most stylish people” in a photo spread in Time Out NY. Oh, and she is something of an internet celebrity. If you don’t believe it, she suggests you just “google her and see what comes up.” 

Jessica performs a slightly tamer version of her material on March 3rd, 2010, at Cape Ann Community Cinema, 21 Main St., Gloucester, MA. 01930. For more information, call (978) 282-1988 or visit

Thursday, February 25, 2010


View out of my window today: 

I like that I'm audacious enough to review my own shows. Last night was a lot of fun. I'm really happy with the way the show turned out. It was kind of a quiet and internal audience, but I gave away a lot of fake penises which made people really happy (and by people, I mean women). I met some really neat people and got a fake le fleur painted onto my face by Abigail, who was really lovely with her little body painting station. A special thanks to Ann Carr, Livia Scott, Jena Friedman, Jo Boobs, Porno Jim and Victor Varnado who performed, and Steven, who turned the tables, Abigail who body painted and Kong Magazine / Adam & Steve / The Pleasure Chest for the fake penis donations. Also to everyone who came out and showed their boobs -- not the performers -- there were actual women in the audience pulling out their boobs, that is how you know it was a good time. When girls are having real fun, they often pull out their boobs. I'm just saying. It's the truth. A lot of people signed the guest list which is a good omen. 

Show rating: B+

Side note: I'm thinking of changing the name and format of the show. Naughty Nautical Nite was Dame Darcy and my show, but now Darcy has moved and I think I want to switch it up a little. I want to have it be more straight comedic performance (comedians, musicians, etc.) like it always is, but without any nautical pretense. I like themes though. I think I'm going to go in a new direction. Feedback? Suggestions? Ideas? Wanna hop on board? You know what to do. 

Monday, February 22, 2010


You probably won't want to miss this.

Naughty Nautical Nite / Kong Magazine presents:
LADIES of PORN / Kong Magazine release party

Wed, Feb. 24, 2010
The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard St., NYC
8 PM - 10 PM / $5 admission

This popular nautical-themed “nite” designed by bizarre, glamorous, clamorous NYC performers JESSICA DELFINO (satirical musician, publicly denounced by the Catholic League for her work) & DAME DARCY (creator of Meat Cake comics on Fantagraphics) occasionally strays from the nautical theme to incorporate new themes, such as their recent GOTH NIGHT, past ALICE IN WONDERLAND and other culture-kitsch topics.

Tonight, they celebrate the many lovely LADIES OF PORN, focusing on old-time-y camp porn stars of the Mamie Van Doren ilk, and honor them through sexy performances, comedy and music. Expect lots of porn themed acts; fun, comedic, ribald times and porn-y music harkening back to B movies and beyond, where boobs were king and scandals of liberated ladies and drug fueled orgys ran rampant. Enjoy giveaways and raffles sponsored by Adam & Eve / The Pleasure Chest / Kong Magazine. 

The reason for this celebration: to share and unleash KONG MAGAZINE upon the world. Out of the ashes of Playgirl, art director JESSICA MOATS and other creative types have gotten together to fill the gap with KONG MAGAZINE, a publication celebrating sex + women, two things the girls at Naughty Nautical Nite go out of their way to pay tribute to. Be there, or miss the magic.

Performers include downtown stars of comedy, burlesque and music RACHEL KRAMER BUSSEL, JO BOOBS WELDON, ANN CARR, LIVIA SCOTT, JENA FRIEDMAN, KILLY DWYER & PORNO JIM. The show is $5 ($4 if you come dressed in a scandalously sexy outfit -- doorman is the judge) and is always a raucous and ribald good time. Hosted by Jessica Delfino, who's music and performance was publicly denounced by the Catholic League for being too sexy and funny.

Jennifer Hanson / Gimme Media LLC
347-878-7769 /


Sunday, February 21, 2010


Last night I went to the Resource Magazine launch party at some spacious old photo studio high, high up above the bustling city overlooking the river that keeps New Jersey the hell away from us. It was a beautiful little shindig, replete with two loaded open bars that kept me coming back for more and more and oh, no, too much. There was also a lovely kissing booth which I thought I'd have fun with -- in the first photo, my boyfriend playfully licks my cheek while I sit aloofly roof gazing. In the next photo, I'm attacking him relentlessly, and my skirt flies up to show the viewers my panty-hose-d buttocks. 

When I came out from the booth, a balding gentleman (a dick, really) insulted me verbally for my shenanigans, and another balding gentleman apologized for finding the photograph so sexy. One man's trashiness is another man's treasure. What can I say? I like to have fun. 

A friend met us at the party but she couldn't get in, so I had to use magic powers to mind control the security guard into letting her in. The first security guard's skull was too thick for my powers to penetrate, the second's mind was like a baby egg shell that I tore apart like a ripe mango. My friend was in the elevator in moments, enjoying a chocolate covered strawberry in less than 120 seconds later. 

Maybe if I'm feeling like the captain of the ribald cheerleading team, I'll publish my photos from the kissing booth on my blog later -- tomorrow. 

For now, bedways is rightways. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today I was interviewed on Nancy Lombardo's show. Nancy is a comedian and a member of the Friar's Club in NYC. If you were up at 10 am and pumped for some comedy chit chat, perhaps you caught it live. You can now listen to it live HERE.

In other news, tomorrow, WED, I'll be performing at Tanya O'Debra's Bushwick MOVIE NIGHT. It looks like it will be fun! $5 and you get a free beer and get to see the movie, "POINT BREAK."

Click here for the Facebook invite if you're on "the book" or just see below for the details. $5! Have you paid to see a movie lately? It's like, $12.00 per flick! But not in Bushwick, not tomorrow night.

Start Time:
Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 8:00pm
End Time:
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 11:00pm
Bushwick Music Studios
55 Waterbury St.
Brooklyn, NY

It’s time to get cozy at Tanya O’Debra’s Movie Night! Every Wednesday at 8:00, five bucks will get you a movie, a drink, and a live opening act! Right off the Montrose stop on the L train, Bushwick Music Studios is located at 55 Waterbury Street.

Wednesdays are tough. It’s too early in the week to go crazy, but no one wants to be a shut in. Keep it low key yet social and curl up to a movie with your buddies and lovies! Guaranteed to turn hump day into hump night!

On 2/17/10, we'll watch “Point Break” in honor of President's Day! Plus, opening act Jessica Delfino (ENCY Award Best Musical Act) will tell you all about her "business" for funsies!


You have about one day left to go pick up your issue of Time Out NY with my mug in it as "50 Most Fashionable New Yorkers." Then it will be gone forever. So do dash out to your nearest Duane Reade and pop one in your purse while no one is looking. JK! Or am I? wink, nod, cough, hack, neck twitch, shoulder jerk, uneasy sigh.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

SONG OF THE MONTH CLUB - February - I Wanna Be A Unicorn
The Week Magazine Is So The Bomb!

It's February, and I'm going to present to you February's SONG OF THE MONTH today! That's right! Today! I like this one a lot and I hope you enjoy it, too. To hear the Feb SONG OF THE MONTH, it is on So please click that link and go there.

As an added bonus -- and I never do this -- you can download the song there, free. I just ask that if you like the song and listen to it a lot, feel free to drop a little paypal donation to me of one stinkin' buck, which you can do at Or buy a CD. You can buy a CD by paypalling me $10 smackers or you can buy CDs now at my REVERB NATION page

Often times, people email me or FB / Myspace message me and ask me to send them lyrics to my songs. That is one reason why, in my latest CD, "I Wanna Be Famous", I included all of the songs' lyrics. Below are the lyrics to my new song, "I Wanna Be A Unicorn." Enjoy!


When I was a little girl, my parents said to me, GIRL!
You can be anything that you want to be.
So what ya gonna do? Doctor? Lawyer? Please, no porn!
I said, NO! I wanna be a unicorn!

I wanna be a unicorn, when I'm big
I'll trot around the fields like unicorns before me did
I'll be all white -- from head to toe
I'll shoot magic rays out of my horn at my foes

I'm gonna be a unicorn, when I'm big
I'll trot around the fields like unicorns before me did
I'll do a little dance, and I'll neigh at the moon
and I won't let regular horses near my unipoon.

(I'm gonna save that sh!t for a pegasus!) 

They said, well, you can't be a unicorn, and I said, HEY!
You said - I could be anything! Please don't stand in my way!
They said, You don't understand, it's not a good career move.
I said, don't tell me what to do! I want to be, I'm going to 

Be a unicorn when I'm done with school
I'll head straight to my magical kingdom to rule
I'll get a fancy comb and have a princess brush my hair
and I'll live my life all freely, without a care

I won't have to pay any unicorn bills
I won't have any rent because I'll live in the hills
I wont have any reason to take any pills
because, unicorns don't get no ills

Break it down, harp! (harp solo)

I wanna be a unicorn when I'm all mature
In unicorn land we ain't got no war
The unicorns are busy hanging out with the gnomes
uni-taxi-ing woodland creatures to their homes

Everyone is friends, it's a utopia
There's no politics or corporations to screw ya
So please mom and dad, won't ya save the scorn
I've made up my mind, I'm gonna be a unicorn!

If all this unicorn business is too much for ya, check out the slightly more serious item, below.

I've been going on and on about The Week magazine for years. If you've heard me before, you can just click the link above and listen to the unicorn song now. 

If you haven't, this magazine The Week is simply put, just great. First of all, I don't love to read (read: I don't have a lot of free time nor ride the subway often), but I like to be informed. The Week takes care of both issues, making me not have to read a lot -- most issues are about 20 pages long; and they compile news from hundreds of sources, giving you the headlines of the week and breaking down the hits of what all the different papers had to say about them. It's like reading a salad of major news sources in one sitting. 

Comedians enjoy the week because they can get lots of material for monologue jokes without having to read 14 different rags. 

Plus the writing has a sassy slant and sense of humor to it that I appreciate. 

In today's WEEK email blast, I got a little caught up in one particular item: A girl who lives far away from here is getting plastic surgery to look exactly like Jessica Alba so that her ex-boyfriend will take her back. It was actually what her friends recommended, according to the video, "This Is Genius" that accompanied it. Check this fascinating news item, and The Week out HERE.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lotsa news today: Interview, featured on Lower East Side blog, 
Kyle & Cleo show tonite in BK, Skits'N'Tits wrap up

I love -- they highlight smart funny women. So I was honored and excited to be interviewed by them. I talk about drugs, Maine, politics, getting publicly denounced by the Catholic League and more crapola. It's short and sweet. Check it out HERE. I'd also like to reiterate, I'm not a Maine hater. I just found it to be a very boring place to grow up as a child. I happen to love and appreciate Maine a lot now, and miss it, even. 

Big week for press -- In addition to being in Time Out NY's 50 Most Stylish article and, I'm also the featured Lower East Sider on this great Lower East Side blog called The chick who runs it (Traven) is wicked cool and beautiful and a supporter of the indy art and entertainment world. And we have the same hair. My friends and I love the LoDown blog. Read my run down of favorite spots in the LES. I gave some shout outs to my favorite local businesses, such as Bacaro, Clandestino bar, The Tenement Museum, The Troll Museum, Liam McEneaney's "Tell Your Friends" show at Lolita Bar and more. 

Whatchoo doin tonite? I'm going to be performing at the Love, Sex & Kyle & Cleo Valentine's Times! show in BK with Carla Rhodes, Adira Amram and others. Now, when I write BK, I mean Brooklyn, and not Burger King, just so there's no confusion. For those of you on FB, here is the link to the FB invite. If you're not on Facebook, here's the info the old fashioned way: 

Thurs, Feb 11
Love, Sex & Kyle and Cleo!
211 N. 9th St.
Williamsburg, BK with Kyle Supley, Carla Rhodes, Adira Amram and more!
10 pm - 2 am

Skits'N'Tits wrap up: 

Thank you guys SO MUCH for coming out to last night's Skits'N'Tits -- The Blizzard Edition. You're the most motivated, ambitious people in the world and you let us know that you really like our show -- or hate being cooped up. Either way, thanks so much for being there. 

We had a few great sponsors on hand and would like to share their information with you: 

The Toilet Paper: They write a funny newsletter that comes to your inbox for free. It's short and sweet. I like it very much. I took a screen shot of one and posted it here for you to look at. Or, you can click this link, sign up and get it yourself. If you don't like it, just unsubscribe. It's got smart and funny jokes, blurbs and factoids, on a theme. Try it, you'll like it!

Keith and the Girl is an awesome podcast. So awesome, in fact, it's one of the MOST DOWNLOADED podcasts in the whole stinkin' world. It's funny, it's free, and it's good stuff. Information you can use. Facts you can stack. Tricks you can...ok...I'm gonna just stop there. Just go listen, OK? You will hear many friends of Skits'N'Tits on the show, including recent episodes featuring myself, Diane O'Debra, Ben Lerman and others. Plus, they have a new book coming out that his hilario-tabulous. And their email address is easy to remember. You must know these people if you don't already. 

Pabst Blue Ribbon beer -- do they really even need mentioning? Who doesn't know about PBR? Keep drinking it! Learn yourself a little somethin' on their WIKI PAGE.

Guys, we really love you and thank you for making the show such a great time last night. Come back again real soon, ya hear? Next show is at 10 PM, 308 Bowery, Wed March 10. See ya there, and bring a friend, a stranger, or even a small dog. Why not. 

Please follow this blog to receive regular posting updates, and forward this blog link to a friend. Go, team!

SKITS'N'TITS! every second Wed of the month
NEXT SHOW: Wed March 10 @ 10 PM - late, 308 Bowery
New skits, tits, comedy, celebrity guests, raffles,
give aways, drink specials. TOO MUCH FUN.

Oh, yeah: if you haven't seen this yet, and by this, I mean, me in Time Out NY's 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers spread, click here to see it now (or scroll down to the next post).

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MTA Update & Tips

For those of you bold enough to put mother nature in a head-lock and hustle onward to our little Skits'N'Tits show, we salute you. I grew up in Maine and we used to get days like this "off", and we would spend them scurrying around the yard, making snow angels and rolling down hills. We would play until we couldn't feel our feet any more; go inside and warm up for 10 minutes and then head back out to play until the early sunset took our light away. And then we'd keep playing until my mom yelled for us to get in that G * D house before she kicked our asses for us. 

It is looking pretty gnarly town outside as of right now. I see nary a car on the street, and about a handful of humans, standing around, staring at the ground and then the sky, in disbelief at this life halting white shit. Looking out my window, the snow turns NYC into a sepia tone photographs from the early 1900s. 

The MTA says that due to the crazy blizzard of twenty ten:
  • AEDFNQ34 trains may run local for portions of their route.
  • G service between Court Sq and 71-Continental Aves. will be suspended.
  • 6 service in the Bronx may be local
For the most current information, click on the Service Status box on the MTA homepage at

The F train to 2nd ave comes one block away from Bowery (if you walk to the 2nd Ave exit under ground) and the 6 goes to Bleecker Street, just a short jaunt over to 308 Bowery. Our show is scheduled to start at 10 pm, and will usually start a little late, around 10:15 as it is wont to do, but you may want to leave a little early from your house, at about 9, to get there on time. 


* put those crappy plastic grocery bags around your feet (on the outside of your socks) before you put them into your boots. this will keep your feet and socks DRY which you will LIKE.

* if bags on your feet is a no go, bring an extra pair of socks because your old ones will probs get wicked wet. while you're at it, bring an extra pair of shoes, too.

* layers! put your hot, sexy duds on which you plan to sport at the show, and then place a layer or two atop (say, a sweater or sweatshirt) and then your jacket. When you get to the show, you can take off the layers and still look all bangin'.

* GLOVES and a HAT and a SCARF. Even one of these things, like a pair of gloves can greatly increase your heat levels. hat head be damned, you can fix your hair in the bathroom mirror. bring a comb.

* umbrellers. believe it or not, they help defend you and your hair against the stinkin' snow. 

* invite your friend WITH A CAR to pick you up and drive you. offer to pay your driver's way into the show. Don't forget to buy his or her ticket in advance!

* get those little hand warmer packets and put them in your gloves. they probably sell them at the bodega or Home Depot near you.

* leave at 9 PM to get there on time.

* I will post a few other tips if I think of any. 

See ya tonight brave-y Joes and Janes!

and...Jessica Delfino one of NYC's most stylish in today's TIME OUT NY

Boob shot!

Even all this snow can't kill the joy buzz I've got going on right now. My favorite show that I've ever made, Skits'N'Tits, is tonight, snow be DAMNED!! Steph, Diane and I get together every month to bring you one of the greatest shows in NYC. It's more than fun, it's *a* *good* *show*. Top that, copy cats, (if there are any.) 

So you put on your little winter booties and then get your other booty up and out the door, ya scardie cats. You can take the F train or the 6 train to literally 1 block away from 308 Bowery, and we'll be there with $1 (really delicious) coffee and tea (and boobies) to warm you up or if you're already hot from trudging through all that snow, then we'll have two-for-$3 PBRs. 

IN OTHER NEWS, I was in this most recent issue of Time Out NY as one of NYC's most fashionable peeps in an article by Ashlea Halpern. CHECK OUT MY SPREAD HERE. They took 3 styles of shots, some close ups and asked me a bunch of Qs about my "personal style." It was a really fun piece and I'm alongside some verrrry fashionable peeps. If you get a copy of today's TIME OUT NY and bring it to Skits'N'Tits tonite, I'll sign it for you ;)

Just one more encouraging factor to get your butts up and out the door to Skits'N'Tits tonite!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Note on Wicked Personal Blog Entries
A trip down memory lane

I used to write really personal stuff on my blog all the time; things about my current relationships, thoughts and ideas of a sexual or romantic nature and more. Don't believe me? Check the archives of 2005 and see for yourself. 

Here's a segment from an old, very dirty, very frank blog entry about orgasms, dated June 2005: 

I've never had multiple orgasms, but I have had two in one day. Never two in one session. It usually takes a few hours to reset, I've noticed, but then again, I've never had a boyfriend who was interested in really focusing and trying to make me have two orgasms in one sitting. I did date one guy who I thought maybe I had a multiple orgasm with, but now looking back on it, I think that I wanted to believe he had, but I was just having a prolonged tingling sensation from the first one. I don't even know if multiple orgasms exist. Some women and men really insist that they do, but I've never met someone who told me that they have multiple orgasms who wasn't insane. And I never believe men who tell me that they gave their past girlfriends multiple orgasms. I think either they are lying or their girlfriends were lying. But I could be wrong. But I'm probably not.

I'm almost embarrassed to know that I wrote that on my blog, once. It's amazing how much one's mentality and reality can change in 5 years. At least I began that entry with a warning to my family members to either stop reading there or not hold me accountable for the stuff they read after that warning.   I should go call my mom really quickly and apologize for putting her through what must have been upwards of 25 years of utter hell. 

Perhaps that type of entry is what drew a lot of my regular readers to my blog in the first place. I also used to write short, ridiculous fiction stories and comedic ramblings, too, so perhaps it was that. Or maybe a slice of each.

Anyway, I don't write a ton of personal stuff on my blog any more. Now and then, maybe I'll drop a line or two that might make ya go, hey? but for the most part, this blog talks about upcoming shows and what's doing in Delfino land. 

I once wrote a blog entry about being irritated with a friend and mentioned said friend by name. They called me and said, "If you ever write anything about me on your blog again, I'm not going to be friends with you." I hope this blurb doesn't count since no names were mentioned this time. It made me think about how my entries were affecting my friendships, though. It wasn't worth it to me to lose that friend, or surely any others, over a corny old blog entry. 

I also used to write personal-ish stuff about my family, and I'm surprised they haven't disowned me yet. My mother said to me, "You better knock that stuff off," and I pretty much did. But I won't say it wasn't fun "airing my dirty laundry" back when I was a little younger, more careless (free?) and untethered by what people would think / do / say. 

I appreciate people's need for privacy and friend's and relatives need for my respect, but I used to like writing wicked crazy shit on my blog. Another friend and I were talking and she said, "It's cute to act crazy when you're young, and people excuse it. But when you get older and act crazy, then you're just crazy." So true!

I had a friend who was a creative but successful and motivated eccentric when I met him. Over the course of a few years, he mutated, and transformed into straight up crazy. The thing about craziness is, it gets worse with age. I was scared that when I got older, I'd morph from creative eccentric into totally insane, but luckily for me, I grew out of crazy for the most part (or changed that in myself) and now I'm a successful, employable, motivated creative eccentric, which I certainly prefer and am thankful for.

There was a time in my life when I would have celebrated my inner craziness. Now I cling to the last strands of it and replay the scenes that are still with me, whenever I miss my early to mid twenties (which is not often). And if and when it goes away completely, I'll be glad to see it go. And if and when it returns due to child birth or senility, I will re-welcome it with open arms. It's just that NYC apartments are small, too small to hold all my stuff and all my crazy. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tue Feb 9
7-9 PM
@ The Dressing Room
new Craftermath crafts
a new song by Jessica Delfino
new jokes by Jena Friedman
new things to share
new info: tarot readings by donation
ALSO: peruse the gorgeous racks of vintage clothing at the classy Dressing Room bar / boutique

FREE admission and cheap drinks

Even if you don't have any $ to spend on crafts, it's OK. Come have a drink, check out the new work we've been doing, meet some new people, give us feedback and learn something new this TUESDAY. 

After Craftermath, we will venture just a few blocks north where the party will continue to rage at SWEET, Seth Herzog's A+ comedy show. 

See you tomorrow!!

Jessica, Daniella, Elisa, Jenny and the rest of the gang

PS: This is where I'm going to be tonight -- TELL YOUR FRIENDS terrific show at LOLITA BAR. Cheap fun, like most of the shows I'm part of :) - click on it for the Facebook Invite!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lookin for a little Saturday fun?
Ray's Benefit at Sidewalk Cafe

Going on all day -- now! We're trying to raise awareness & money for ancient Ray and his East Village food shop that has been there since back when NYC was still really fu*%ing cool. 

See all the artists crawl out of every hole in all corners of the East Village and beyond to participate in and be part of the party. I hope to see you there!

Sidewalk Cafe
corner of Ave A and 6th St. 

(I'm doing a set at 5 pm)

For more information: 

You're still not on Facebook yet? OK, try this one: 
CLICK HERE and then scroll down a little or search for "Ray's"

Bye bye!

Friday, February 5, 2010

with Carolyn Castiglia & Jessica Delfino, among many others!!

SPLURGE! at Happy Ending is a brand-new monthly comedy showcase featuring stand-up and musical comedy from New York's most exciting talent. Every month will bring the premiere of a new short comedic film, and each show will close with host Carolyn Castiglia's hilarious signature freestyle rap.


ROB CANTRELL (Marijuana-Logues, Last Comic Standing)

HARI KONDABOLU (Live at Gotham, Jimmy Kimmel Live)

ANDREA ROSEN (Michael and Michael Have Issues, Stella)

BARON VAUGHN (Live at Gotham, Black Dynamite)

LIZZ WINSTEAD (Creator of The Daily Show)

Musical Guest: JESSICA DELFINO (Montreal Just for Laughs Festival)

Plus the premiere of my newest music video S.A.D. with Tom McCaffrey (Premium Blend) and Mara Herron (Maury), shot by Anya Garrett (Comedy Central's "Honesty" web series).


Just Calm Down Spa is luxurious and fancy, and makes a great Valentine's Gift for that special someone in your life. To save 15% on the services below - James Bond themed facials, mani, pedi even a close shave! Just use the code: JESSICA DELFINO

just calm down spa's
Valentine’s Day James Bond Extravaganza.
just calm down - New York City's premier boutique spa is offering all friends of Jessica Delfino a very special offer - 15% off our unique James Bond themed services. To book call us today on 212 337 0032 and quote Jessica Delfino as your reference to get the discount off the award winning services below.
Shaken Not Stirred – OO7 Will Send You to Heaven Valentine's Day Massage
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For Your Eyes Only - Facial
A facial revolution that will leave your skin so Bondishly beautiful that with bright GoldenEyes all a flutter you will feel that The World is Not Enough for you to conquer! 

Gold Finger and Feet--Bond Girl Mani and Pedi
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Shaven Not Stirred
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Thursday, February 4, 2010

THE MONTHLY VISITOR monthly newsletter

Welcome to February's installment of "The Monthly Visitor". To be added to this mailing list, email

Q: What's the difference between DD & TMV?

A: Great Q! TMV is shorter, accepts (selective) advertising on a sliding scale, and features guest editors. 

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If you haven't done it yet, join the SONG OF THE MONTH CLUB and get a FREE NEW Jessica Delfino song every month in your inbox before it hits the streets, as the kids say. Other benefits include show discounts, a membership card and more. To join free, email, subject: SONG OF THE MONTH".

Feb's SONG OF THE MONTH hasn't come out yet. Instead, please accept Jan's SONG OF THE MONTH, late. It's a partially illustrated video because no one wants to waste their art degree forever. And that no one is me. 

Jan's song is called "Touched By An Alien" and is about those probed peeps out there and this lady's perspective on it. Watch the video HERE (or you can scroll down to the next post and see it there) and don't forget to comment, rate the video and share with your friends, if they're your real friends, that is -- especially any Star Trek fans or space exploration lovers or NASA employed friends or people who believe they've had an encounter. All word donations graciously accepted, so please comment!

PS -- This video is NSFW because I drop the F bomb in it a few times and talk about butts. But it's not about vaginas, unless you consider butts to be vaginas. 

Lookin' for fun, sailor? Just check out the right hand side of this blog and scroll down to see all dirty folk rock related upcoming events. For example, this Friday, I'll be at Carolyn Castiglia's free SPLURGE show at Happy Ending (corner of Broome & Forsythe) @ 8 PM. Also coming up are Monday's Tell Your Friends, Love, Sex, Kyle & Cleo & more. And if you haven't already, don't forget to subscribe to this blog to get notified when new entries are posted. 

Here are a few more tasty selections from this month's entertainment menu: 


A night of new songs, new crafts, new jokes and new stuff. Just in time for Valentine's Day. Our crafts are unusual and hand made, all priced right and truly beautiful, including handmade leather necklaces, hand painted cards and more.

Plus, The Dressing Room is beautiful and sells great vintage clothing, so you can sip booze while you style yourself. 

75a Orchard St. 
7-9 PM

New videos, new burlesque & comedy guests including Kristen Schaal, Dave Hill and more. 
Also a super secret special guest you won't believe! 
10 PM
$5 in advance, $8 at the door.
This month's sponsors: PBR which means 2-for-1 PBRs all night long ($3 for 2 beers?!) and THE TOILET PAPER comedy newsletter. Sign up and check it out free, HERE.

COMING UP: Jessica Delfino graces the pages of Time Out NY as one of NYC's 50 Most Stylish Peeps, on newsstands Wed. Feb 11.

And -- Jessica Delfino does DIRTY FOLK ROCK in Massachusetts in March!

Wed March 3
Cape Ann Community Cinema presents: 
21 Main St. 
Gloucester, MA 01930
(978) 282-1988

Visit the Facebook & Twitter pages and if it's your thing, become a fan at the FB fan page: Jessica Delfino & Dirty Folk Rock.

Congrats to all my friends who were nominated for ECNY (Emerging Comedians NY) Awards. I won the ECNY musical comedy award in 2005 or some shit, and it was an honor, a nod from NYC, and a lot of fun. So, support the ECNY Awards. 

That's it for now, see ya soon my little avocados, and thanks for all your support and approval, presents, CDs, encouragement, love, handmade stuff and adoration. It gets me through the day.

Twisted Minstrel, unusual craftess, illustrator / artist 
(hey, it's more interesting than comedian / actor)


                          MINI PRESS KIT:

"[A] comedy rock star. . . brilliant comedian/musician Jessy Delfino."

"Jessica Delfino has sang, danced, and comedianed her way to LES notoriety--some feat." --Time Out New York

"We were immediately stuck to our seats stunned and smiling as Jessica Delfino engaged us in tune after tune...She is funny. And smart." -- Thurston Moore & Byron Coley, Arthur Magazine

"Comedic Discovery of the Month" --Comedy Central

"High Times Unsigned Band of the Week" --High Times

"Best Guitar-Slinging Comedian" -- Best Of 2005 , The Village Voice

"The Lower East Side's folkie queen" --The Village Voice

"Jessica Delfino has one of the funniest bits I've ever, socially aware comedy." --The Huffington Post

"Stellar" -- NY Times

" subversive as it gets" -- Backstage

"Critics' Choice...Supremely and edgy...we've been playing this quirky New York songsters album 'I Wanna Be Famous' all week and can't wait to see her live." -- Time Out London

"A stirring show of ribald folk songs. There's more to this seriously talented comic songwriter than jokes...a tough show to top" -- London METRO