Friday, July 11, 2008


Brought to you by Derrick Beckles, Jessica Delfino and a host of other sparkling jewels. This news segment was originally filmed for Superdeluxe but they pussied out at the last minute.


I took this photo last night on my celephone at Arlene's Grocery, Jon McCain was there. As you can see, he had a $28 bar tab and left a $3 tip. What is this country coming to?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Radio City Music Hall Open Call For Little People


(Know anyone who fits this description? Pass it on!)

LITTLE PEOPLE PERFORMERS must be under 4'10" tall, agile, move well to music, and be able to project their voice and personality. Auditioning is preferred but LITTLE PEOPLE PERFORMERS ONLY may submit a video by mail. (Send to MSG Entertainment, 1260 Avenue of the Americas, New York NY 10020, Attn: CAA Production. No video or headshot/resume submissions will be accepted for any other performers.) In addition to the auditions listed below, MSGE will be holding auditions at the National LPA convention. For more information about the LPA Convention please visit

My own personal review: the show was pretty great. Though the audience was smallish (at it's peak I think there were 40 in total) it was a really attentive and warm audience. I made a new friend / fan named James who is going to be the president of my universal fan club. He left me presents on the hood of my rented Ford Explorer. My friend Amelia opened the night with some stand-up and we ended the evening with cake and champers at her house and then an after shindig at White Heart. Sean Carroll was a great liason and Newbury Comics in Portland is really super cool. My CDs are now being sold there, which is pretty great-so.

They are also being sold at and will be on itunes soon.

If you weren't able to see the show, here is a review which was in the Portland Phoenix:


Or, you can just read it here if you want:

Jessica Delfino at the St. Lawrence Arts Center, June 28

A thin crowd can be a challenge in comedy, as was the case with local opener, Amelia Kutch. It was less her material and more her lack of timing that left the 20-person crowd at the St. Lawrence Arts Center appreciative when Jessica Delfino took the floor with a veteran presence.

The stage was set with Delfino’s props — a guitar, a flying-V ukulele, a change of shoes and hat, and a microphone encircled by a set of red rope lights in the shape of a heart. All of which were pleasant precursors to the attractive and ballsy female comedian who grabbed the audience’s attention from her entrance.

Delfino has a way of making you hang on her every word with her use of dead space, body language, audience participation, and absurdly hysterical content. Whether it's a song about defecating on her ex-boyfriend and kindly nicknaming him “Shit Chin,” or a song accompanied by a rape whistle with a list of outrageous made-up reasons for a perpetrator not to rape her, she turns the taboo into feminine and empowering subject matter.

I drove out to Damariscotta Lake and hung out with my folks on the lake. It was really beautiful. Here's a photo of my dad, the dog and a very cute boy I happen to know.

And here we are, feasting at the lake house...

Yummmmss!! My dad supplies lobster to most of the Red Lobster restaurants and calls himself "lobster hitler". Good one, dad!