Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Jokes & Beginning of a New Song
from Monday night, NYC Talent Show

The new song "Man Slave" got cut off but I'll post it on here in a few days...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, July 26

Monday Rendezvous
Bar on A, Ave A @ 11th
8 PM - no admission
free show, free cookies, happy hour cheap booze,
I don't want to hear any excuses, just go.

I present a new song every week in
"New Song Monday"
@ NYC Talent Show
Diane O'Debra & Victor Varnado host this fun show.
10 PM - $3
or watch live online

I'll be there wearing something cute. I'll put effort in to make sure I look good. I'll probably put on some lip gloss, tossle my hair romantically, and perhaps I'll even don some earring or a hat. Come and compliment me on how pretty I look, how funny my song was, how I should be the mother or god mother of your children. I'll be there, waiting for your generous sentiments.

Don't let me down.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Cringe Festival @ Producer's Club
8 PM

These are a whole bunch of "bad" plays -- plays about vaginas, butts, Hitler and what have you. Essentially, it's a festival practically made for me. I am the intermission musical guest for several nights of the festival. You can see the nights I'll be there to the right of this posting in "Upcoming Shows".

Speaking of shows,
Wed Aug 9 - I'll be on the Keith & The Girl podcast @ 1 PM
Wed Aug 11 - The next SKITS'N'TITS
Sat Aug 26 - something good is happening, details TBA

Update on Gulf Doc:
I posted an update on the Gulf doc and our funds to the upper right hand corner of this blog. If you donated or were following the progress of the documentary, please read.

Something weird:
...happened to me the other day. (When does something weird not happen to me on any given day?) I was hanging out and the super's assistant of my building asked me to borrow $20. We have never really spoken, but he addressed me by name, and I didn't even know he knew my name. I said no, and scurried away. If I don't have $20 to spend on my own drug habit, I'm certainly not going to support someone else's. A little part of me really hoped that he was just $20 off from paying his rent, or from buying his girlfriend an engagement ring, or he really wanted to make a donation to his favorite charity. But my street sass & wit tells me otherwise.

Do you think I'm being asinine to assume he wanted the money to spend on drugs?
What do you think he wanted the money for?

Feel free to comment below...

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Life Update
like, in case you care or give a rat's hind quarters or whatever

Website update -- shows updated, bio updated, new header pic

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My "New songs / Song Of The Month" from last night:
* the 'newish' "I'm Italian & That's What We Do" &
* "Saving All My Love For You" cover, (originally by Whitney Houston)
click below to play, and watch EVERY MONDAY NIGHT @ 10:30 PM at
www.nyctalentshow.com or live at 308 Bowery @ Bleecker, NYC.

*To join the "Song of the Month" club, email jessdelfino at yahoo dot com
subject: Song of the Month, and get emails about new songs and my
new CD currently being recorded.

See you on the bright side of the poon

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Huzzah! I can write on my blog again! I had to revert to the old editor, as per suggested by an anonymous tipster in the Google Blog Help stratosphere. I couldn't write for weeks. A blinking circular icon would just spin and spin, but wouldn't let me type anything. It's like my fingers have been freed! My blog is no longer enslaved to the cruel guards of cyberspace. Reunited and it feels so good.

A few quick things:

I'm working on a documentary about New Orleans and the Gulf oil geyser's effect on the people. We have raised nearly $3000 but need more money. We have to raise our budget of $6400 or we don't get to keep ANY of the money. Sucks to that. PLEASE consider donating a philanthropic chunk of funds to our important project. Thank you. Click below to see the project page. We have just 3 days to get the rest of the money. $1000 / day is not impossible!

This website thinks I'm pretty and funny. Comedians often hear they're funny and are celebrated for that, but not that they're HOT, TOO. Thanks over there FYHC. What does FYHC stand for? Click on the link and find out. I'm mostly flattered because I'm in AMAZING company beside Alison Becker, Zach Galifianakis and others...wow! Hot stuff.

Shows coming up on the daily, yo. Visit the schedule to the right to see what's coming up. And if you haven't already, JOIN MY FACEBOOK page to stay a breast (and a vagina) of what's going on. See ya round the tiny old world, peepers.