Friday, August 9, 2002

If you're into star gazing, this is an especially good time to do it. On Monday evening, sometime between 6 and 9 pm, the Earth is expected to pass through the thickest part of the Perseid stream, an intense meteor shower. The Perseid stream is basically just debris from the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet. As Monday night is estimated to be peak meteor viewing time with an opportunity to see up to ten meteors per hour, this weekend the night sky should be ripe with shooting stars. So if you happen to be in the country, at the beach or camping, don't forget to look 'up'.

It may sound kind of corny to look at the stars, but it actually makes for a very opportunistic time for boys to impress girls. Take a blanket and a six pack to the park, your back yard, your roof top, kissy point or where ever you like to take girls, and pitch her this set up.

Dude, are you into stars? I totally love watching stars. I used to look up and think to myself, someday, I'll be a rock star. Do you want a beer? Here, I'll open it for you with my teeth. (Use your teeth to open a beer, chicks totally dig that.) So I heard there's supposed to be a bitchin' meteor shower tonight. If we watch, we'll be able to see a bunch of shooting stars and stuff. Here, you can use my pants for a pillow. (Take off your pants, ball them up into a pillow.) Dude, take your pants off, too. You'll be more comfortable like that. (Girls love it when you call them dude.) Oh my god! A shooting star! Did you see it? Did you make a wish? I did. I wished that, like, we would be together forever. And that you would touch my penis. (Say the last part in your head.) Then, lean in for the kiss. A-thank you.

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