Monday, September 22, 2003

Fun With Tastelessness
by Jessica Delfino

*An "I can't read without my glasses or an adult helping me sound out the words" publication. (Ages 4-84)
*Approved by Good Housewrecking Magazine
*4 out of 5 Dentists agree, "They're clean, alright!"
*Winner of the Boogle Search "Rape Topic" Award
*Declared GYNO-licious by the AMA
*Fun for at least half the family, not necessarily guaranteed!
*"Oprah's Reading Party" (TM) certified perusing material
*In association with the Apex Tech "Learning Can Be Dark and Make You Uneasy" program

Q: Why did the drunken crew of frat boys attend the sorrority pot luck supper?
A: They wanted to try the broccoli rape.

Q: Why did the battered wife still find attractive about her husband?
A: His rapiers wit.

Q: What do you call a hungry call girl?
A: Call her whatever, just don't call her rape for dinner.

Q: Speaking of dinner, when said call girl has accompanied her date to a restaurant, what does she do with the food she can't finish?
A: She has it raped up for later.

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