Friday, September 5, 2003

(Pretend) Book Segment and (Made-Up) Author Comment
by Jessica Delfino

A segment from Harvey Coggin's latest book, "I Was A Child," Miscellaneous Shack Press, NY, NY.

"I raised the mirror up to my face and looked into it. And I saw myself, looking back at myself, about to do a line of the powder so white, it transcended the lightness of the whitest beard of the oldest man. It made me feel like a child who was getting to take a snow day from school. I thought about hte great enjoyment that would come from the line, the buzz, the slap in the nose like a dog who'd been bad, the shock to my brain! Utter joy. I moved my nostril near, nearer still, nearest yet, until my nose and the dusty controlled substance were united as one, joined together in unholy matrimony, and I sniffed, deep, full, with entirety, like I'd never sniffed before, and when I had finished sniffing, the powder was gone. But it was not forgotten, nay. And it was technically not even gone. It had been relocated to my cerebral cortex, as if tranported in a shitty rented van, where it was now pitching a tent for what, unbeknownst to me, would be the last time."

A word from Harvey Coggin, author, "I Was A Child."

Hello, friends. Thank you for reading this segment from my latest book, "I Was A Child," Miscellaneous Shack Press, NY, NY. As my fans will attest, this book is very dear to me because, as my fans know, I was a sincere drug addict with a severe addiction for many fun-filled years - so haphazard and carefree this time was that I often refer to it as, "the best years of my life." During the best years of my life, every morning I would wake up, inhale cocaine, then really wake up, make myself breakfast very very quickly, throw it away as I wasn't in the mood to eat, and then do other things about the house. I know that this, the story, brings you, the reader, many questions. Was I living a lie? Perhaps. Was I a drug addict? Some might say. Did I sleep? Not oft. All great questions. I am so happy to be here to write this. I am clean and sober now for seven years and I still think about the cocaine. I do. Every day, all day, in fact, but thanks to my fans and god's love, that life is behind me now, like a jail sentence that has been completed. I have been paroled, thank the lord, from the prison which was made of the best years of my life. I hope to never return to that place, unless I someday accidently happen by on my way to heaven.

Thank you.


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