Saturday, January 17, 2004


FINALLY - I have found a server which I can link to my site so that everyone can hear my songs again. So far, I've only put one up and it will take a day to activate the link and make it usable, so check it now and again until it is working. The website is called Garage Band ( and it is the same site which hosts the songs I reviewed, so it should be interesting to see what people write about me! I can't wait. I bet I'm gonna get a lot of shit talkers who want to get me back for giving them honest reviews of their crappy music. The song I've put up is a newish one called "Sudden Change" and it is on the new CD I made. If you haven't heard it, and even if you have, please listen to it and give me feedback, y'all!

It's a lovely song about a dark topic in my favorite genre - dirty folk rock. The link to my band page is below:

"Sudden Change" is over on the right somewhere. Also, here is a direct link to the song download page.

If you like it, please send the link to friends, even just one or two, and tell 'em it's a gift from me. Also, someone with Kazaa, put it on Kazaa, and also feel free to put it up anywhere else you want to or download it and save it for posterity's sake.

Love and hugs and kisses and vaginas,


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