Friday, May 21, 2004


Thank you all for your comments and feedback regarding the 9/11 hearing. I especially appreciate the very valid points that JOE brought up, though any comments on Christopher's health or mental well-being are completely speculative and certainly biased. Everyone is giving me a ton of credit for being an asshole for simply being PRESENT. Where the hell were any of you? Oooh, lemme guess - IM-ing your friends at work? Or maybe sipping an overpriced cup of coffee? Updating your lame websites?

The fact that I was even THERE is a great example of my motives. I could have slept in until 10 or 11 that morning. But I woke up at 7 am and rode my bike 20 blocks to observe and learn from the hearing. I had no IDEA that Christopher planned to speak out. But even if he'd have told me before we left, I would have still gone to observe and learn. All of you are complete and utter dipshits. You should have been there listening and learning yourselves. You should have heard the people in the hall cheering when Christopher stood and spoke. Those were family members of people who died. They were looking for someone to speak up for them and they got what they wanted. How DARE any of you criticize me? Did ANY of you big mouths lose friends or family on 9/11? Let's go even a step further. How many of you give a shit about anything except yourselves? Why are you even writing to me? I love getting hits on my website and I like reading the comments and feedback, but seriously - you are all way off base. I'm an artist, dummies, but that doesn't mean I don't want to be educated. PUBLIC hearing. I had as much right to be there as the park or the movies. You are all very boring people and are obviously content with the status quo. PS - Never owned a pair of combat boots, not once.

Also - about the knife - I already explained that, stupid. I carry that everywhere with me because I live in a dark, poor neighborhood and I often come home late at night and alone, and I'm very hot with an incredibly stellar body and I am never carrying less than $1,000 cash (and coins) on me at any given time. If someone tries to rape one of you bitches and you don't have a knife to stab them with, then it's your own fault if you get attacked. Protect yourselves, you dumb sluts - unless you actually just want to get raped, which by the sounds of some of your comments, it seems like a bunch of you need a dick - especially some of the guys! Come out of the closet! It's okay to do that now!


Let's look at this objectively, shall we?

1: Jessi gets a 6 inch knife passed security at the 911 inquiry. --- [GOOD POINT, JOE! NO ONE SEEMED TO MENTION THAT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION!!!!]
2: Former mayor asked stupid questions (and they were) [ANOTHER GOOD POINT BY JOE! AGAIN, WHO MENTIONED THAT ONE? OH, THAT'S RIGHT - NO ONE (but me.)]
3: When confronted by a member of the crowd about the possibility that faulty equipment may have contributed to the death of brave men and women, the commission does not start an inquiry. {YET AGAIN ANOTHER EXCELLENT POINT BROUGHT UP BY JOE....ANY TAKERS? DIDN'T THINK SO.]
4: Woman next to nutjob is forced to leave before he is. [WOMAN - (ME) FORCED TO LEAVE BEFORE THE DISRUPTER EVEN IS!!!!]
5: Nutjob gets media attention. [I DON'T AGREE THAT CHRISTOPHER IS A "NUTJOB."]

So what can we conclude? This country pays lip service to increasing security, and has been idiotic with nail clippers in airports, yet we do nothing we let someone armed into the 911 commission inquiry in New York. [EXCELLENT POINT - THE SECURITY ACTUALLY EVEN ***SEARCHED*** MY PURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I FORGOT I EVEN HAD THE KNIFE ON ME AND THEY DIDN'T EVEN FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!]

Chris is nuts and needs help, but somehow everybody is fixating on this and not on his 1 actual VALID question. Meanwhile they continue to give Giuliani a public high-five. [WHO HAS SOME INSIGHT ON WHY HIS VERY VALID QUESTION WAS NOT ADDRESSED??? ANYONE????]

Security guards are asshats that feel the need to harrass women. [TRUE.]
Jessi needs to pick men better. [POSSIBLY TRUE.]

While the manner of getting this question into the public realm should have been better, it was an attempt. It also has not worked. People really are sheep, and the government knows it. [TRUE, TRUE, SO VERY SAD AND TRUE.]


If any of you have read any of my last entries, you will see that I have definitely dated some losers. But who hasn't? How many men have stories about the 'crazy' girl they dated, or how many women cry about how cute the guy is who abuses them? I'm allowed to date whoever I want to for whatever reasons I see fit. You all sound like my mom. I already get enough bullshit from her about who I date. So cann it. No one cares about who YOU all date. At least not me.

More - Chris had a lot of psychiatric evaluations (when Giuliani arrested him before and put him in Riker's Island for 11 days with no bail) and he passed EVERY SINGLE ONE. But I believe psychiatric evaluation tests are a whole bunch of doo doo. With or without the evaluations, Christopher has proven to me to be, if absolutely nothing else, a critical thinker - a skill I recommend EVERYONE should hone. Stop watching TV and try reading some books, walking around and observing society, and doing some volunteer work for your communities. Get off the internet from time to time and make a connection with an actual person, face to face.

And anyone who thinks that I was trying to sell CDs by attending the Giuliani hearing is retarded. My CDs sell themselves when I perform or when magazines review them and list my website. Is THAT taking advantage of the media? (Absurd.) It's not that hard to sell CDs. If I wanted to sell CDs, I could set up a stand on Prince Street next to all the other venders, or set up an account on I wouldn't think that anyone who is even involved in politics would give a shit about my CD. My CD is about art, anti-censorship and funny music. (Also, vaginas.) Not likely to win over the 9/11 hearing board or mourning widows. Now, if Chris had wanted to sell a CD, he could have brought a stack of his CDs entitled, "Songs of 9/11" with him. I bet he would have sold plenty. And the CD is actually good. None of you know what you are all talking about when you attack me on my comment board, but I do appreciate you visiting my website! Please come back and visit again soon!

Bye, now!

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