Thursday, August 5, 2004


I dreamed last night that New York City got nuked. It was terrifying and strange. I had my guitar with me, my purse and my bike, and I lost all three but found a replacement for each. I found a guitar that was better than my old one, a purse with more money in it than mine had, and instead of finding a bike, I found a flying rat man (with wings) who agreed to fly me wherever I needed to go for $2. Even in my dream, I found that to be really weird. I'd needed to get from up, up in Harlem to the Upper East Side (to my old studio apartment where I still lived in my dream) and I had lost my bike. So, I looked around thinking, "How am I gonna get from here to there right now?", cause New York was shaken up and I knew if I didn't go back to my apartment then, I'd never get to go there again, and I really wanted to get a few things that were important to me. But there was a rat man right there, waiting for me, almost. What are the chances? He had huge white wings and a kind of pointy, menacing nose, and long, grey hair, stringy, and he was kind of slovenly-looking, but not in a way that was troublesome to me. I wasn't afraid of him.

My side project band wrote a song recently called "Spread Eagle." Here are the words:

OooooooooOOO! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Isn't it beautiful?

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