Thursday, October 7, 2004


I'm deejaying today at the East Village Radio from 3-4 pm. East Village Radio is over at 1st and 1st - it's this tiny little store front radio station just a few doors down from Gringer Appliance store, on the same side of the street (the west side.) The phone number to the studio is 212-254-7104. I've got a ton of great music that I'll be playing - all songs by local musicians who I like, such as Phoebe Croix, The Tapedeck, The Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players, Nachi, and more. If you know me, or even if you don't, stop by the studio and give me your CD and I'll put a song on for you if I can fit it in. At this point I've got the line up pretty much ready to go, but if you are either very talented or very attractive, maybe we can make some room for you.

The website is: - That is where you can go to get the live stream to be able to hear the station's broadcast. It's not on the FM dial because the FCC prides themselves on keeping the airwaves boring. If you try to call the studio and you can't get me, try my cell - 917-450-4178. You can also e-mail me songs at and if I can't fit them in today, the next time I dj I'll put them on. I was going to call myself DJ JD, but then I heard that the chick from Le Tigre calls herself that already. Dammit. Any suggestions?

In other news, I was working yesterday at the Underground Comedy Festival, helping out and what not, and I had to stop into the Laugh Lounge. I went in and started chit chatting with the folks there who were running a Carnival Cruise audition (you know, auditioning comics to work on the cruise ships.) And the guy asked me if I wanted to audition - Al, his name was. I said yes, of course, and ran home to get my guitar. I went on pretty late in the line up and just did a short 3 minute set as was the audition proceedure. Then, later you had to call a number to see if you made the finals. I called the number and I made the god damn finals. The finals are tonight at the Laugh Lounge at 8 pm, but here's the problem - I am performing tonight already. I want to do both. I didn't expect to even make the cut because my material is generally too dirty for that kind of thing, but I should have known I would have gotten picked because I had plans already.

The show is decided by audience participation, so the people will bring a bunch of their friends to have a good reaction. I don't have any friends, so I guess I'll just have to rely on being funny. Shit. I hope I can pull it off.

If you love or have never seen Haunted Pussy, there will be a great Haunted Pussy show at 180 Orchard St. tonight at 7 pm. There will be four half hour sets, one at 7, 7:30, 8 and 8:30. Each will be full of mayhem. The show is free. Also, see the huge write up on p. 160 of this week's Village Voice, complete with photo! (There's a pic in the contents page also.)

If anyone can help out with the Haunted Pussy show tonight, one or two people are needed to help. Free beer and snacks for helpers. Meet at 180 Orchard St. bt. Stanton and Houston at 6:30 pm. Ask for Bilge Baron.

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