Monday, October 11, 2004


Someone wrote on my comment board that I am stupid because I misspell weird or wierd every time I write it. This is what I have to say about people leaving retarded comments on my comments boards, or any comment, really. When people write comments on my board under a pseudonym like "ME" or something equally uncreative and then in addition to being such a spineless pussy that they won't even identify themselves, they write a comment that just absolutely clear as day so poigniantly outlines their idiocy to me and anyone else who reads it, it is boring to everyone involved, and even makes the world in general a more boring place. Even the most mentally challenged of readers out there are surely impressed by the lack of creativity of some of my commentors! Please stop writing dumb and anonymous comments, readers. They can be anonomous, but try to make them interesting, preferrably funny or smart, bonus if they're both. Should you have the wherewithall to go ahead and try to be inspired in your insults, and you write something smart that either makes me laugh or cry, I will give you credit and send you a prize. Every once in a while, I am actually impressed by the creativity of some of you zingy slingsters. I even have to give a shout out to my bitchy sister Abby for bitch smashing me with some harsh and funny rude comments. But, it is rare. Most of the time, I am disappointed by how sadly sucky everyone's insults are.

Don't use this as an invitation to write more sucky bullshit on my comment boards, however, just because you feel like writing insults. I am saying, if you were planning on insulting me anyway, then you can go ahead and try to write something know..., good. Everyone else, be as you were.


So, I'm getting ready to travel with the Trachtenburg's and The Liquid Tapedeck for two shows: 10/15 in DC and 10/16 in Philadelphia. More details at After that, I'm coming back to NYC to pack, and then I'm going down to Tampa, FL. for a little over a week. I'll probably do some shows on the way down and in Tampa, which I'll post on my website as I figure it out. I'm the world's most spontaneous performer. I doubt that, but it feels like it sometimes. So, if anyone is interested in hooking up along my travels, I want to meet some artists and see some stuff. E-mail me at

Also, if you are having a party and would like me to perform at it while I'm down South, I think that would be pretty fun, as long as it's not the kind of party where they burn people alive in the name of god for talking about vaginas. I've heard about parties like that. I bet they aren't that fun.

I would like to tell you all a tale of woe, but jeez, sorry - I just don't have one right now.

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