Friday, January 21, 2005


Chris was arrested at 3 PM today in the foyer of his apartment building. The police, who didn't have a warrant, shut off his electricity in order to trick him into coming out of his apartment to investigate. (This was verified when I called Con Ed to check and see if the power had been shut off. They said no and suggested checking the breaker.) When Chris came out, they arrested him, not letting him get a coat or make a call.

Newsday wrote THIS about the story.

Gawker has been writing about it, too.

I've heard it's been on the news on TV, though I'm not sure which station it was on. They've been talking about it on 1010 WINS, also.

I spoke to Chris very briefly this afternoon a few hours after he was arrested, and he also spoke to a friend, Kelly. He told her that he was arrested for drawing the cartoon "IDIOT PATROL" in this week's NY Press. It depicts Bloomberg having him arrested. He says it tells the whole story.

Bloomberg has also already been busted for making illegal arrests during the RNC and during Critical Mass bike rides.

Chris has already been found by a court to have been acting within his free speech rights when he said "All politicians are liars and should be executed" "You are nazis" and "The Mayor should be executed" in 1997, referring to Mayor Giuliani. If you do a search for "Christopher Brodeur" at, you will find multiple stories written about the case.

Chris announces his candidacy for mayor on Monday at 2 pm, on the steps of City Hall.

For more info. on Chris's campaign, visit his website.

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