Thursday, January 27, 2005

A NOTE - (and then On To Our Regulary Scheduled Blog-rambling:)

According to my comments boards, which I read and post to often, people miss the old Jessy Delfino's Blog - you know, the one where I'm whining about being poor, crying because I'm so sad, lonely, fat, and stupid, bragging because I'm such a genius, writing bitchy poetry, and onward and moreward.

Well - the people have spoken and I have heard them! That is why, from now ON, I promise to keep this blog ALL ABOUT ME, as it never has really been, but will be more of from now on.

If you want to read about CXB, Christopher Brodeur, the mayoral race, or any of that crapola, I will have to recommend you look on a different blog. Like this one:

If reading blogs about Chris isn't your thing, perhaps instead try going to and searching for Christopher Brodeur under the NEWS link. (That is a tip from a friend - apparently, it brings up relevant news items.)

You might also visit, a website dedicated to the Art Star Scene in NYC, a scene that Chris is already the mayor.

...and NOW, back to my regularly scheduled blog-rambling.

UBER for ya

I don't know much about UBER, but sometimes I get curious and start randomly searching blogs and links, usually with the help of yahoo search (see how anti-trend I am? I totally just dissed Google!) and before I know it, I'm on the other side of the globe, reading blogs of people who's names I can not correctly pronounce, all my intelligence aside! Well, I don't know how, or why, or when, but I stumbled onto this website called UBER. It's got the little umlats (spelling, anyone?) above the U, but I don't have a fancy enough computer to type that shit.

Anyway, you can submit stuff to UBER, and I love to send people stuff I wrote or made, so I submitted, and shit on a shamrock, the dude wrote back! He posted my story "Strange News" on his site, which you can visit here: I don't know where UBER is made, what the .nu extension stands for, or any other pertinent or non-pertinent information regarding his site, but I commend anyone who creates a website in an attempt to reach out to artsy loners among sea of internet freaks.

THIS JUST IN: RSS FEED on Jessy Delfino's Blog

People have been bugging me to set up an RSS feed on my blog for a thousand years. Well, now people's buggings have become a reality. Upon the promptings and advice from a nice lady named Kristen from Drexel University in Philadelphia, I've made RSS feed a REALITY here at Jessy Delfino's Blog! So, feed away, my rss hungry friends! FEED!

I think you might need this link:

But I'm still trying to navigate this RSS crapola myself, so maybe you have to have a special RSS tv or hand-held device or something. I'm 50% technical genius, 50% creative genius, 50% complete and total idiot of every genre.

Any RSS feeders out there, won't you please let me know if I did it right and if it works!

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