Sunday, May 8, 2005


I heard this disturbing news story on 1010WINS yesterday and it sucked every positive particle of energy I've collected over the past week right out of my body.

We live in a place where people SLASH THROATS of birds? You might argue, well, KFC kills birds. But at least they are eaten, not that I agree with that, either. But these particular birds were killed for sport and left bleeding in the park for passers by to see.

Why aren't people slashing swan throats in Maine? Why aren't people breaking into people's apartments and raping women in Vermont? What are we doing wrong in NYC and how can we fix it?

Why aren't we rioting in the streets over this stuff? Why hasn't someone burned this city to the ground?

I can't answer any of those questions. And you know who else can't? Bloomberg. C. Virginia Fields. Gifford Miller. Anthony Weiner. Freddy Ferrar. Rudolph Giuliani. George Bush. No one who is in charge can answer any of those questions or fix any of our problems.


Tomorrow at 2 pm on the steps of City Hall, Christopher X. Brodeur will be announcing the beginning of his campaign. Christopher is the only person I've ever met who is interested in politics for the right reasons. He's the only person I've ever met who is running for a political office with actual ideas that are not only better than any of his predecessor's ideas, but brilliant alone.

If you are sick of all of the shit that is wrong with this city, Christopher is the only person running for office who will change the status quo. He is fearless, he is clever and he wants to do it. He's the only politician who is LOWERING his salary if he gets elected (from 120,000 to 60,000 per year) to save the city money. That's a great idea. He's got a million more of them.


- Come to City Hall at 2 pm tomorrow, whether you like Christopher or not. If you come to City Hall, you are sending this message: "I don't want to contribute to a bogus government franchise anymore." Simply by just SHOWING UP, you tell other politicians that their ideas are bad (which they are) and that you want to hear some good ones. You tell journalists that you want to fix what is wrong with this broken city. You tell your neighbors that you care about them and share hope for a better future - a future that includes clean air and water, no fear of locking doors at night, no fear of being raped, robbed or murdered in your own home. These are not only our rights as humans, but the way life is lived elsewhere. Why not here, too?

- Bring friends to the steps of City Hall, Monday at 2 pm.

- Visit His website is new, updated just yesterday for the 2005 campaign, and is wonderful. Read his 100 Innovations for NYC and realize that life CAN be improved - easily - if someone with brains was in charge. Once you are through reading it, send the link to EVERY SINGLE PERSON in your address book. Encourage friends to read it. Change begins with each of us, individually. You can save a Nicole DuFresne, a Rudy Fleming, a swan.

- Call / write to newspapers and TV stations and ask them:
Why can't you debate in the political forums unless you've raised a certain amount of money?
Why is all the news about either murder or a celebrity's hot date?
Why are our children so fat and stupid?
Why did domestic shelters have to turn away over 2000 battered women last year?
Why are there people sleeping on the streets at all? Ever???
Why can't we appropriate 40 billion dollars properly among the needs of the city?
(That's a fucking lot of money!!!)
Why are violent criminals allowed back into society after serving time in bogus rehab (jail)?
Why are judges immune to the law?
Why are our police and court systems mad with power?
Why isn't Bloomberg in jail for breaking the law?
Why is it legal for politicians to spend tax dollars wastefully? Shouldn't there be a repercussion for wasting billions of our dollars?
...and any other questions you might have.

- Make sure you are registered to vote democrat. Make sure your address is updated with the Board of Elections.

- Write to CXB's campaign manager at if you can help volunteer to collect the 14,000+ signatures we'll need to put him on the ballot.

- Vote for Christopher X. Brodeur, and tell your friends to do the same.

This post isn't very funny, but I am sick of the propagation of fear. I want to write jokes about the bleakness of life, but not actually experience it.

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