Friday, June 10, 2005

Bad Poetry & Cake

Hi. If you like me, cake and writing lousy poems, please come to my birthday party this Sunday, June 12th at 308 Bowery - The Bowery Poetry Club, from 8-10 pm.

The theme is: Are you glad I was born? Please answer in the form of a lousy poem.

Admission: One lousy poem. (free!)

Note: Awards will be given out for creativity, humor and other signs of intelligence.

Performances by The Red Hots (sexy, smart burlesquers), Touching You & Mike Dobbins (as Narcissist), Eurotrash, Jessica Delfino and YOU! Come to the stage and read your poem aloud over soothing guitar backdrops provided by Brer Brian and Mr. You, or you can choose to deliver them to me privately for my own viewing later. If you'd like to have someone else read your poem, that can be arranged, too. Please have fun with this! Treat it like a poem-y roast...

After, stay for Jennifer Blowdryer's play, "White Trash Debutantes" or join us as we relocate the party to Cinema Classics/Rififi.

Last year, Tom Nevin wrote my favorite poem. I can't remember all of it, just this much:

When I write rape jokes, people call me a hater
I look too much like a rape perpetrator
but Jessica's rape jokes cause none to berate her
it's just like magic, she's a rape prestidigator

Cause her wit is keen, she fills me with mirth
So hail to the queen, Here's to her birth

A + Tom Nevin!!!

I will be presenting a booklet of last year's poems this year, but I couldn't find Tom's poem. So it might get left out. I do hope not, but time is running out. Among the assorted precious gems are sparkling numbers by Chelsea Peretti ( Joe ( cartoons), Tanya O'Debra (O' and Alex Zaitchik (editor of NY Press).

Hope to see you there!

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