Tuesday, June 14, 2005


I am guest hosting Chicks N Giggles tonight - it's Nichelle's show.
433 E. 6th St. btw. 1st and A. 8:30 PM. FREE show.

Adira Amram
Diane O'Debra
Blood Puddle
Amey Goerlich
Diana Adams
Amber Tozer
Amy Pacheko

This is going to be the best show that RAGA ever saw, yo. EVERY SINGLE ONE of these bitches is really fucking talented. So talented, I have to swear a lot.

Adira plays the keyboard and sings silly love songs while wearing very ornate outfitry. Diane O'Debra is one half of the O'Debra Twins. She's awesome as an O'Deb, but her solo stand-up is VERY smart and funny. She's inspiring. Blood Puddle is the female Tenacious D. Amey Goerlich is a UCB improv comedian, very funny and sharp! She'll be auditioning for SNL soon. Diana Adams is like the O'Debra Twins distant relative. Amber Tozer is a super awesome funny stand-up, not to mention pretty foxy. Amy Pacheko is a very dry, wry-witted stand-up comedian who is actually kind of clean, and she still manages to be funny. I host.

Should be dynamite!

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