Saturday, October 15, 2005

The World Is Too Predictable...

I just heard on 1010 WINS a story about a man who was getting a tattoo that read "Last Rites", when he passed out and fell face first into a glass counter, which shattered and cut his throat.

He was getting a tattoo that read "last rites" and he DIED.

Can this world be any more predictable?

We've all heard stories where a man named "James Killson" killed his son, or "Harry Crimeworthy" was arrested for robbing a bank, or "Jennifer Slutsky" was arrested for prostitution. When will the readability of life end?

Is there any doubt in anyone's mind that I shall die penniless? I'm willing to bet my future fortune on it.

Just for once, I'd like to see a glaring contradiction occur. Surprise me! Let's have a Donald Lovelife commit suicide. Let's have a Sally Poor win the lottery. Let's have a priest rape a child...

Hm. Perhaps there is a little flip-floppery in life to be had now and again, after all.

This just overheard on WINS: A lady and her daughter have gone missing. A friend of the lady is concerned, because she said the lady "hears voices in her head." I didn't even need to HEAR the rest to jump to my own conclusion, but her friend's soundbite detailed, "I'm afraid if she hears a voice that tells her to kill herself and the child, she might follow through."

I wonder what happened to the girl and her baby.

Any guesses?

I'm just throwing this out there, as there's no way that could have actually happened, right? Based on the laws of the predictability of life, she probably just went shopping or visited relatives out of state.

This is the reason I both have no children nor pay any mind to the voices in my head.

It's like aliens or gods are playing a very sadistic game on us all. (NOTE: If I don't someday get to write a book and title it the above line, I'd like it written on my tombstone, please.)

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