Friday, January 20, 2006

A Poem for People and Walruses Who Aren't Sure If They Are Really In Love

Filly was a walrus, a fat and angry walrus
and Filly had a frilly little dress that he would wearus
He'd put it on and twirl about like he was in the circus
but Filly wasn't in the circus, he was an accountant
Filly crunched the numbers for the rich men in their jackets
and Filly crunched so well, those men made money by the buckets
and Filly wasn't penniless, and Filly wasn't loaded
but when it came to love, let's just say Filly was without it

Filly Filly Filly was a lonely angry walrus
He begged to heaven every day to send an angel forward
He'd wear his dress and dance around in hopes someday he could kiss
the pretty partner walrus Filly waited for with patience

Filly waited for his life for partnering to happen
but eventually Filly died lonely and forgotten
The moral of this story is that Filly was a walrus
and there was no perfected love out lusting for his touches
and sometimes even walruses are born to belong single
so if you have a good one, keep them and also be thankful

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