Monday, May 29, 2006


Maybe you were there last year, maybe you weren't. Hope you can make it this time. It's this coming Sunday...

This is how it works:

Everyone in the world is invited to write me a bad poem on the theme, "Are you glad I was born?" (Answers of "No" are accepted and even encouraged. Indifference and ambivalence are both fine, also.) Everyone is then invited to read the poems aloud on stage. I will give out crappy gift bags as well as bad awards for worst poem, lousiest poem, etc. Readers will also get booklets of last year's bad poems written by the poets of 2005. Hilarity will ensue.

There will be birthday goodies, featured guest readers of musical, literate and comedic backgrounds, Dr. Steam Whipple of The Pizzas will provide a subtle and strange musical backdrop in place of the usual imprisoned musical genius, Touching You; and Fisher Spooner's Vanessa and her dancey friends will do interpretive dance to the bad poems.

Admission is free. Please wear your nerdiest dark rimmed glasses, your best (or worst) poetry outfits and don't forget your beret or sophisticated scarf.

Hints: The born and porn rhyme has already been used to death, and there is nothing good that rhymes with Delfino.

Extra credit goes to any and all extra efforts deployed.

Come one, come all!

RSVP for a poem reading spot at, or just show up and try to slip in somewhere.

Jessica Delfino's (3rd Annual) Bad Birthday Poetry Party
SUNDAY, JUNE 4th, 2006
308 Bowery Poetry Club at 1st St.
7 pm SHARP to 9 pm

Let the rhymey times roll!

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