Monday, October 9, 2006

Have you ever been to Williamsburg?

Well, I have. I ride my bike there over the Williamsburg Bridge, a bridge that leads directly into Williamsburg - a long, dangerous ride where someone could hold me up on my bike and be like, "Gimme your shit, bitch!" And I have no shit to give. So, then, maybe that special someone would take my tits. And I need those.

Every so often a kid rides up along side me on my bike and yells, "Yo! That's my bike!" But you know what? It's not his bike. I know it's not his bike. Because my dad stole it from a train station in Connecticut (the land where rich people don't lock their bikes) and gave it to me for my birthday.

Tonight, I brave that bridge again and ride like the wind to Williamsburg to perform in a show at 9 PM, which Ilana Manaster is putting together at a little spot called, "ROSE". "ROSE" is at 195 Grand St. near Havemeyer.

I must look a sight(!) or a fright(!) riding my bike across the bridge with a guitar strapped to my back. I probably look like a hump back who plays the guitar.

But I can joke like that, because I think that back humps are funny.


Anonymous said...

hey! that pic! is Ruud Gullit - dutch soccer player! ridicilous that your clip was removed!! Annelies

gerryvisco said...

Jessica, just curious: do you ever lock up your bike? I think I've seen it and recall it as not being too fancy. If you do lock it up, what kind of lock do you use? Also, do you ever ride up the East River and does the path go the whole way? I've been meaning to try it one day, but rarely ride the bike downtown since I don't like locking it and am not sure about the East River path nor even the Hudson pathway. Bikes rule! But of course, they can be dangerous, too. Last question: do you wear a helmet? Sometimes I don't since I hate the way it flattens my hairdo.