Thursday, November 2, 2006


Hey everyone. Remember when you used to make mixed tapes? I don't remember, either. However, there is a show this Friday, November 3rd that remembers. How 'bout you swing by and simultaneously get your comedy and rock on?

511 W. 54TH (10TH/11TH)
8 PM

If you are a budget minded soul, you'll appreciate this code which brings the price down from 12$ to 8$ on The code is SHOCK

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Tons of superb acts join together to make merry music! If from what I gather has been correctly gathered, you will hear Soce The Elemental Wizard wiz it up. (He's white and he raps! Funny!) You will see Cock Lorge unleash a monster on your ass! You will watch as Erin and her Cello go "ba domb domb domb domb don don don doop da doop doop" and shit. You will witness a Rob and a Mark! A Zero Boy! An Eliza Skinner! And the beat goes on and on and're gonna shit yourself. That's a promise.

1 comment:

soce said...

zomg that sounds like tha greatest show EVARRRR!!!! I'm going to come and bring all my friends, yeah!!!! --soce