Wednesday, December 20, 2006



In a December 19th press release published on the Catholic League's Web site, Catholic League President William Donohue denounced New York City-based musician Jessica Delfino, accusing her of providing “ammunition” to radical Muslims.

“Jessica Delfino is taking her ‘Merry S—tmas Tour’ on the road,” complained Donohue. “Described as ‘rife with Christmas-themed debauchery,’ Delfino worked last night in New York City, appears in Washington, D.C. tomorrow and travels to Durham, North Carolina on Thursday. Her performance includes the showing of an obscenely-titled video banned from YouTube that features her rapping about her vagina, complete with obscene pictures flashing in the background. Rapping about her genitals, she sings, ‘it will become your true religion.’” He said.

Donohue then went further with his accusation, claiming, “None of this is without malice. And at a time when radical Muslims are accusing Americans of harboring a depraved understanding of liberty, it only provides ammunition to the enemy.”

William Donohue has previously gotten in hot water for some of his remarks, including a December 8, 2004 assertion on Scarborough Country that “Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular. It’s not a secret, okay? And I’m not afraid to say it.” This statement was widely viewed as anti-Semitic.

Jessica Delfino is a critically acclaimed artist who has appeared on Good Morning America and Opie & Anthony, and whose work has been called, “Funny and smart” by Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore in Arthur Magazine and “some of the most nasty, offensive, degrading, and genius comedy you’ll see all year,” by the New York Blade.” Recently, she was named “Best Potty-Mouthed, Guitar-Slinging Comedian of 2005” by the Village Voice. She has received similarly glowing reviews from Jane Magazine, High Times, The Onion, Time Out New York, and numerous other critics.

Ms. Delfino was stunned by Donohue’s accusations. “My act is anti-stupidity, and anti-complacency, not anti-Catholic or anti-Christian, and I have a pretty good feeling that it’s about to be a little bit anti-William Donohue. This is a guy who goes on TV in the middle of the day when kids are watching, and yells at America that ‘Hollywood likes anal sex.’ But now he doesn’t like vaginas either? He should take that one up with God. And the real question is why does William Donohue keep saying things that are anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim? He's so negative! He is the opposite of everything Christ stood for, and I agree with Jesus."

Jessica Delfino will be appearing at Warehouse Next Door in Washington, D.C. at 8:30 PM on Wednesday, December 20th, and at 305 South in Durham, North Carolina at 8 PM on Thursday, December 21st. More information about her, including a link to her YouTube-banned video can be found at

Jessica Delfino was raised as a Catholic.

See the video HERE


lopi said...

I'm with Jesus too.

Anonymous said...

fuck them catholics....they killed groucho marx don't you know!!!

Charley Farley said...

I sure wish William Donohue was my publicity chappie, how splendid of him to tell everyone about your show.
It is not often that one gets such wonderful press coverage, perhaps it is time I did something to rile this simple minded stain on humanity, and then I too can get pages of free advertising.
Tally ho pip pip