Monday, January 22, 2007

My Jokes Are In It!

In Maine, they (who are they?) used to sell big plastic bottles of these mixed drinks - Margaritas, Mudslides and what have you - under the brand name "The Liquor's In It", presumably so that if you're so drunk, if you can read, you can still find the liquor.

So it is with that old thought in mind that I call this entry, "My Jokes Are In It!" so that you know what entry to look for when you are looking for the book my jokes are in when you are so drunk.

The book, titled, "Filthy, Funny and Totally Offensive" was put together by Jeffrey Gurian. The book features lots of famous people, such as Drew Carey & Jason Alexander, and everyone's favorite comedians Scott Baio and Joan Rivers. And also, me. It was recently yapped about in NY Post's infamous Page 6...which only further proves the utter classiness of me and my jokes. Although I don't get any money from this book, you can still go ahead and buy it if you like.

You can buy the book HERE

Also, by the by, you can find out more about the man behind the book right here: