Tuesday, January 16, 2007

T-Time with T-Top Trans Am - The time is NOW!

WHAT: T-Time with T-Top Trans Am
WHEN: Fri 01.19 @ 8 PM
WHERE: Jimmy's No. 43 / downstairs (43 E 7th St. btw. 2nd Ave. &
Bowery) - great little venue, full menu
$5 cover ($3 if you RSVP or ask for the art star discount)

Jessica Delfino has created a hilarious new character, T-Top Trans-Am, a Maine girl with big dreams who works as a clammer by day and as a stripper by night.

Together, Jessica Delfino & Ben Lerman put together a video of T-Top's last days in Maine before she left to become a big star in New York City. The video stars Diane O'Debra, Ben Lerman, Jessica Delfino, Michael I and Capt. Hilarious. Hilarious!

You'll see a number of videos and performances from Ben and talented folks:

--"T-Top" hosts and does a burlesque number (Jessica Delfino)
--Reggie Watts (Winner of this year's Andy Kaufman Award)
--Michael I (guitar)
--John Doe (The Serial Killer Stand-up comic)

Good times!

PS Due to popular demand, Ben will be performing his interpretive dance, "The Complete and Unabridged History of Native Americans." But this will be the last time, so come and get it.

**NOTE** - If you haven't seen Ben Lerman do his Native American burlesque dance, god dammit, get your ass over to this show and see it!

**ANOTHER NOTE** - Seeking future burlesque and character acts (ladies AND men) for future T-Time with T-Top shows and video episodes in NYC. email jessydelfino@yahoo.com

**SPECIAL THANKS TO: Jiwon Li for those great earrings!**