Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Echidne Of The Snakes

According to mythology, Echidna was a half super-hot face-and-torsoed nymph, half hideous-serpent-bodied woman, best known for kicking the asses of the Olympians and then getting her snake-ass handed back to her by Zeus, who sealed her boy toy up in the earth below a mountain, but let her and her kids live, as a "challenge" to (a.k.a. 'fuck with') future heroes. She apparently also had a few kids with Zeus. Haaaaa-aay!

She was immortal and ageless, but she was killed while sleeping by Argus Panopes, the hundred eyed giant. He sounds like he should have been a wrestler. Times were tough back then.

Echidne Of The Snakes is a blogger who recently wrote this article about the newest series of retarded blabbery spewed forth from the lips of William Donohue. She better watch it or he might say something inflammatory about her and bring her site thousands of hits and legions of new fans. Careful, girl!

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