Saturday, February 24, 2007


The only other man I've seen with a sack this ginormous has been naked poet Tommy D, who it has been rumored has elephantitis of the nut sack. Rachel Kramer Bussel wrote an article about the recent Naked Comedy Show at The Pit. I'd been invited to go by the producers but I couldn't make it -- thank god! And a note to Rachel and anyone who reads this article about the Naked Comedy Show and Tommy D -- the white "mysterious" fluid -- is it really so mysterious what that was? Do I need to have you over here for a sex-ed fresh up, Rachel?

I wonder if Michael Jackson will purchase his remains?

The sneakers are the best part.

NOTE: His nuts are literally huge, though they have shrunken from how small they had been. I don't know whether to cheer or jeer NY Magazine for blurring Tommy's ding a ling. His nuts are so vast that his penis is almost not visable. It's really a thing of amazement. Tommy D should be an exhibit in a museum. I hope he donates his body to science.

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Anonymous said...

He's got a great pair of tits too, from the look of things.