Saturday, March 31, 2007

TUBE TIME TONIGHT: The best of the wild, wild web
featuring myself and my outrageous videos and video finds, as well as a slew of others.

We are competing for some kind of award. But I don't care about what I'm winning. I just want to win it! It's gonna be stiff competition...there are some amazing people and videos in this show.

TONITE at 10 PM sharp

Anthology Film Archives, 2nd and 2nd, Manhattan
Party afterwards with free vodka for ticket holders...
Tickets: $8.50

Get them at the venue


Here's the blurb from

Encore, encore! 2007's fabulous follow-up to 2006's groundbreaking gameshow promises to unleash the wildest content known–until now–only to the most provocative laptops. Forget WWF, this horse and pony show is strictly WWW.

Famous, sexy and funny NYUFF celebrities go head-to-head, competing to put the most outrageous videos they find on the Internet onto the silver screen. That means fucking crazy. Your applause will crown the new champ.

Hosted by Gabe Liedman (At Night with Gabe and Jenny). Contestants include Rich Juzwiak (Four Four blog), Chelsea Perreti and crew, Paddy Johnson (Art Fag City), John Michael Boling, Ben Coonley, John Seroff, Joe Johnston, Jaime Pereira, Cat Krudy, John Thomson, Matt Savitsky, Dan Carbone, Jessica Delfino (dirty folk rocker with magical parts), Bobby Langdon, Josh Safdie, Sam Lisenco, Brina Thurston, Naomi Leibowitz, and queen bee 2006, the one to beat, Kendra Levin.


If you're dying to see some Delfino dirty folk rock action, come see me sing
my dirty folk rock songs live tonight at:

8 PM
Gene Frankel Theater
Bond St. @ Lafayette

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Bill said...


I saw Tube Time! last night and was very unhappy that they booed your Magic Pussy. Some folks fear what they do not understand, I suppose.

You are famous. Stop the killing,