Saturday, April 7, 2007

by Jessica Delfino & Rosie Rebel

Well, I don't know about any comedy festival. But we've been running around the city like jack rabbits taking lots of pictures of red doors. Hark, here's one!

You would not believe it if we told you that we met Austin Powers here in
Ireland. And if so, good. That means you are smart. Because it is not true.
This photo was taken in New York City!

In Ireland, the boys are very happy to get down on one arm for a
set of American lassies and do a push up in our honor. Wow.

What have you got for us back home, boys? Huh? What kind
of exercises will YOU do to impress us?

Here we are on Quay St. (pronounced Key St.) and we are just havin' a great time. I don't know why these photos came up so small, but the one of me with the red door is so huge.

I just don't know about the way things work in Ireland.

And here we are with the Mayor of Galway (and NYC comedian Fiona Walsh) at the Galway Comedy Festival opening night party. He gave us the key to his city, if you know what we mean.

The boys in Ireland are not shy, as you can see.

Tonight is Rosie and my first actual gig. We've spent the last two days lolly gagging and roaming about wearing American Flag tee shirts and fanny packs. We are looking forward to getting booed off stage, or carried around on the shoulders of the Irish, whichever happens happens.

I know one thing though - I hope we impress them, because getting
potatoed is not going to feel very good.

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Allan Cavanagh said...

Didn't I take the one of the Mayor with your camera with the smoking flash? Hope you enjoyed your time in Galway. Make sure and tell your friends you didn't catch anything from the water! (You didn't catch anything from the water did you?)