Friday, May 4, 2007


Don't let your friends from Jersey talk you into going to that dumb club you were planning on going to with your friends from Jersey. They don't know any better.

But you do.

Don't stay home and catch up on sleep. That is for old people.

You are not old.

Don't go to some other show. It won't be as good.

I believe in me. And my friends.

THIS FRIDAY (as in tonight) at La Quinta Hotel
17 West 32nd Street
New York, NY 10001
Phone: (212)736-1600
From 9 PM - 11:30, it's a night of wonder and joy...DJ, projections, 
Jessica Delfino (that's me), Master Lee, Steph Sabelli With Sax Noir
by Julian, Luckey, Shakespeare, Stacey Nightmare, and of course, the
sonic whiz himself, ZEROBOY!!

Then, come on down to Mo Pitkins at MIDNIGHT for Radical Vaudeville -
Brutally brilliant comedy done dirt cheap. Featuring sketch comedy by Mo's Hos,
(Steph Sabelli, Jessica Delfino, The O'Debra Twins and Rosie Rebel)
and a line up that will kick your face onto your ass. $5. Damn!!
34 Ave A (downstairs stage)

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