Saturday, May 31, 2008


Chinatown is so very much old New York. There is dingy art everywhere -- graffiti, paint splotches, weird tile art. The people seem stuck in 89. Being here is like going back in time. It's a yesteryear mentality. I live in a building that is actually labeled a tower. My window overlooks Canal Street and my kingdom and my direct view goes literally straight down Ludlow Street as far as the eye can see. I'm like Rapunzel with this long flowing mane of hair. I hang it out the window every day and look for my prince to come charging up on his horse, bike, what have you. My life is a fantasy fairy tale. I tailored it to be this way. It's a really amazing life I live. I write songs and make art and spend my days playing with friends, cooking, and walking around my kingdom. I don't know how life could possibly get any better than it is right now. It just simply couldn't. Sure, I'm below the poverty level, and I've had one of those classic crummy upbringings that could have rendered me a schizo or just simply manic depressed. But I somehow managed to climb out, perhaps up the ladder of my own hair into a fantasy world which I continue to create and manifest to this day.

Who knows if I'm even actually sitting here typing this at all?

My life is very simple, though busy, and every day is better and better. I've got my set backs -- it seems I have to move house about once a year which definitely sucks. My bike gets stolen about every six months from a nice gentleman who sells it back to me for a reasonable price. I'm surrounded by dicks who want shit that I don't have to give. But I just spent the last year of my life recording a CD in a studio with a team of committed, professional, brilliant weirdos and now that CD is done. Almost every day, I got to go into a recording studio and sing and play instruments, listen back and adjust, nip and tuck, boss around a sound guy (I did it playfully and lovingly) and eat delicious home cooked ghetto beans and rice.

It's pretty amazing for me to be able to be spending my life the way I get to spend it. It's not fancy, it's not elaborate, it's certainly not perfect, but I'm doing exactly what I wanted to do. I only wish I knew who to send the thank you card to.

My CD release party is Wed., June 18th at 9 PM at Cakeshop, 152 Ludlow St. at Rivington - on the very street which my tower window overlooks.


You can purchase my new CD -- "I WANNA BE FAMOUS" which has 15 choice cuts including some of my newer super hits, such as "MY PUSSY IS MAGIC" (remixed and mastered and it sounds fucking AWESOME), "DON'T RAPE ME" (The Rape Whistle Song) and "I WANNA BE FAMOUS", the Youtube video song which was featured on Youtube and Myspace and viewed nearly a million times on Youtube by sending me $12 to via Later you'll be able to buy it in stores, but for now, this is the way to do it.

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