Saturday, September 6, 2008

DIARIES FROM THE (wrong side of the) ROAD

Today I write from Hackney, a lovely borough of London which I liken to Williamsburg, NYC (not colonial Williamsburg). It's got all the cute coffee shops, bizarre adorable hangouts and gentrification (token crack head or three as well) with out all the developers coming in and tearing shit down, which now that I think about it, isn't so far from colonial Williamsburg after all.

I fell in love with London the last time I was here, with their plethora of red doors and clever architecture, snazzy double decker busses, love of art and culture, and those damn irresistible accents. They're so stinking quaint here I am torn - do I hug or punch? Hug or punch? It's a real conundrum. The light in London is lovely, as well.

The only thing I do not like about London is that I feel like a peasant on a field trip to the big city in that I can't afford to do anything but walk around and stare at shit. The dollar is so weak here, I might as well be trying to purchase goods with turds, rocks, or something else worth nothing. Nevertheless, there are no shortage of funny signs to take pictures of, cool graveyards to clamber around through and cozy cushions on the "tube" so that my butt is getting the royal treatment, even if my wallet is not.

Yesterday I did an interview with BBC radio, only one of the largest media sources in the entire world. And it was on terrestrial radio, none of that cyber station shit. That's one of the things I love about London the best. They let me be who I am and even embrace me for it. To make a metaphor for my art and music, I'm like a gay who is not only allowed to be openly gay here, but rewarded for it.

I was on the Nemone Show, and Nemone (and Jax, her show assistant producer / chum) were very friendly and fun. You can hear the interview, which went out live yesterday, at this link.

I have a photographer here with me who is documenting the trip and taking pictures of everything I do, which makes me feel pretty important / self-conscious. He's not bad in the sack, either. (He doesn't hog all the blankets.) He's so talented he should be getting fellated hourly just because he's alive, not to mention he's "chest-pain level" adorable. See for yourself...

Tonight I'm performing at a huge gay club called Duckie which is the coolest place on earth. Imagine a virtual Disney Land for gays, without any of the (typical) rides. Imagine a room, jam packed, wall to wall, with hundreds of beautiful, silly, enthusiastic (drunken) people (mostly men). This is Duckie. Simon Casson, who is responsible for assembling C'est Duckie in NYC last winter is the dude in charge and he sure knows how to throw a party. He's also verrry funny.

My Soho Theatre show starts on Monday, Sept. 8th and runs to Sept. 13th. Captain Hilarious joins me here in London tomorrow, Sunday the 7th to guest in the Soho Theatre show. I can't wait for either or both.

Jessica anxiously awaits the show, the captain


cp said...

I heard you on 6Music yesterday and I've just bought your CD today.
I have to ask, though - is $12.99 as trivial a sum in America as it seems here? Surely it'll cost more than that just to put it in the post.

Jessica Delfino said... pound is worth, like, a million dollars. So it might seem somewhat trivial. But the CD costs $10 and $3 to ship. What can I say? I don't believe in screwing over my customers. I'd rather just give them the awesome goodness of what I do for a reasonable price.

How did you buy the CD, did you order it through Thanks for buying my CD, you are a smart consumer and with good taste to boot!