Sunday, November 30, 2008


A zoo in Indiana is selling reindeer turds as pieces of these
actually quite lovely Christmas ornaments. For $5 smackers
a turd-laden treat, you can have your very own Shitmas.

This time of the year is always very special to me, as it reminds me of
the time a very nice gentleman made me thousands of new fans in
his awesome tirade via the Catholic League press release
he sent out starring...ME!

I am making my own very special ornaments this year
which I'll be selling at both La Superette and Diane O'Debra's
Show N Tell Holiday Bizarre.

They are made out of (unused) tampons and really put a
little holiday cheer where the sun don't shine.

Come visit me at La Superette (see their website for more details)
or Show N Tell on Dec. 15th, 10 PM, 308 Bowery.

PS -- Naughty Nautical Nite may be sunk for good, but I'm going
to be having my own naughty little nite. It's called just plain old
Naughty Nite. Come see the naughtiness I've got in store for you
on Thursday, Dec. 4th at 10 PM at The Slipper Room. $5. You
can also buy my tampon ornaments there...


Rob said...

What was the point of Terrible Tim last night? He sure cleaned out the room... You're obscene but funny. He's just obscene...

Anonymous said...

I'm master of the Time Space Continuum and have been hanging out in Bridgepot, Connecticute

ref.: If you'd seen the guy I speak of/felt his energy you'd understand why I say that