Monday, December 15, 2008

The trailer for Victor Varnado's comedy movie featuring a bunch of very talented black comedians (Marina Franklin, Baron Vaughn, Hannibal Buress, Eric Andre and of course, Victor Varnado) looks great and showcases animation by a very talented assortment of artists, including me, Jessica Delfino. (Did you know I actually went to school for animation once upon a time? I graduated from the Art Institute of Philadelphia.) I animated Baron Vaughn's segment. Wow! It looks silly.

TONITE! I am in an on going comedy music contest at Stand Up NY, where I'm competing for $1000!!!! Come and cheer me on. It's a FREE show and the competition is actually VERY STIFF. Every week there is a home work assignment. This week, the home work assignment was something to do with the holidays.

Come see what I did!!

7 PM. 78th and Broadway. If you love me, show up tonight at 7 and cheer me on!!

If you can't make it, it's OK. Also, at 10 PM, I will be at 308 Bowery, selling my crazy tampon ornaments at the Show N Tell Holiday Bizarre, also featuring work by a very creative group of gals. Come get unique gifts for the people you love, instead of buying them dumb plastic crap made at gunpoint in strange places you will never go. Or even better yet. make them something yourself!!

Also, have your photo taken with Pantsless Claus and his naughty elves for just $2!!

Featuring a live performance of the non-denominational holiday songs by Secular Voices Of Heaven's Horizon! As heard in the documentary directed by Morgan Spurlock, "What Would Jesus By?" 10:30 PM.

And sign up to perform in the most outrageous and silly open mic in NYC! Diane O'Debra's Show N Tell!!

All of this for only $3.
10 PM - 1 AM.
Sign up at 10 PM.
308 Bowery at 1st St.

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