Friday, January 2, 2009


That's right! It's a children's show for adults. How very exciting! I've got lots of fun little tricks up my sleeveless dress
with this scripted monthly fandango. Check it out! Be there! Come one, come all! Attend! Do join in the fun! Huzzah!

The Jessica Delfino Dirty Folk Rock Show
Episode 1: We Are All Different
Thursday, Jan 8th, 2009
Slipper Room, 167 Orchard St. at Stanton
10 PM

In this monthly children's show for adults, you will be info-tained, enter-mused, and be-twinkled by the cast of local celebrity guests, crafts, magical silliness, songs, videos, jokes and the sheer terrific-ness of it all. A totally new show every month! Like Mr. Roger's Neighborhood if he came back from Vietnam, had a sex change and decided to start playing the ukelele. In Episode 1: We Are All Different, we explore what makes us all unique through puppetry, comedy and cleavage. Featuring a stellar line up -- Mike Amato, Adira Amram, Ben Lerman, Eric Kirchberger and Audrey Crabtree. also featuring the vocal stylings of Simon Astor and Clell Tickle. Warning: This show is for big kids only!! (21+)

And stay tuned for February's Episode 2: Fashion Week's "It's Important To Be Beautiful!" Feb 12th (NYC) and 18th (BKLN). More details to come...

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