Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I overheard a person say that Obama tricked America -- that "they" (whoever those sneaky "theys" are) wanted a Muslim in the white house so that "they" could do something awful to America.

I don't know who's making up that kind of flab dashery but what a rockin' bunch of horse shit. Are "they" really that smart? Are "they" really that dastardly? Who is this "they" anyway? The same "they" who killed JFK and blew up the towers? "They" are really a bunch of trouble makers!!

I was going to go up to Columbia University today (where Obama went to school) and watch his Inauguration on the big screen TV there but I decided instead to watch it at home on my own cozy flat screen.

Any they, I just wanted to rant about that for a second.

On a lighter note, here is a very cute new video featuring Reggie Watts and me, JD!!

It's a remix of Sudden Change, you know, that song about how "Once a month for a week...I bleed from my vagina...?" Imagine it with a remix beat and lots of hair. And after you watch it, Facebook friend me, send it to your mother, her friends at work and your entire old summer camp posse.


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