Monday, January 26, 2009


I'm competing tonite for $1000 in the Stand Up NY's "MUSIC IS A JOKE" competition, and I
could use your vote! So please go to this link
and just scroll to the bottom and vote for me if you love me.

If you want to watch all the videos, you can, some of them are very good, Nicky
Sunshine's is pretty interesting and silly and some of the other folks are very
good as well, but this isn't about who's better, it's about how much you love me.


And if you would like to come to the show tonite, it's at 8 PM at Stand Up NY,
at 78th and Broadway. You can take the 1 train right stinkin' there. It lets off
like, one block from the joint. So come! It'll be fun. EVERY WEEK we have to
write a new song and this week is no different. Our assignment was DISNEY and I
wrote a DOOS-NEY (this is what you have in store, folks) and I think you'll seriously
enjoy the hi-jinx I have planned for this evening because I try to never just do anything
like, you know, the normal, nice, easy way. That would be too normal, nice and easy.

NOT my style.

So come and see the trick I have up my sleeve. And if you can't come, just go to the
website and VOTE!!! You
like voting now. The whole world does. Remember? Obama? Yes. You. Can. Vote. For. Me.

Thank you America and the world.

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