Friday, February 13, 2009


This cute idea combines 3-D animation with sexy flying avatar ladies who tell you trivia factoids for every day of the week with weekends off to re-do their makeup or drink at cyber bars or do whatever sexy flying avatars do when they get a break.

Featuring the voices of Jane Pear, Michelle Carlo, Rosie Rebel and myself, these little 3-D creepazoids
tell you stuff you may have already known but probably didn't know. The writing is pretty cute and fun
and you will definitely pick up a fact or two. If you're a trivia lover, you will dig CALGAL.

Animated and written by Peter Bernard. My little monsterette is a Southern Belle named Callie. Check it
every day and learn something new!!

You can also visit the website here, at to see back dated CALGALS.

In other news, if you missed last night's Dirty Folk Rock Show, you have a chance to see it again, next Wed. Feb. 18th and
then it will be gone, like a comet, and you will probably never get to see it live again. I will be putting up some pictures and reviews of the show after Feb. 18th.

Next Dirty Folk Rock kids show for adults, March 4th, 8 PM at Santos Party House, 100 Lafayette at Canal. $5.

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