Monday, February 23, 2009


A review from a Myspace friend in Ohio. I can't help but be flattered and touched by his encouragement!! If there were more people in the world like him, I'd have my own show on TV by now. Thanks for writing this, Andy. You should be my new fan club president, MISTER!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

#1 Friend 2/20/09 Jessic Delfino

What can I say about Jessica Delfino that others haven't already said? The gal has got talent. Mad skills all over the place. She can sing, is funny as all get out and as she puts it "can kinda sorta play guitar" (a complete under estimation of her abilities by the way). I think that her act is hilarious and find her to be fascinating and brave. Doesn't hurt that she's gorgeous either. I would be a helpless groupie but thankfully I live too far away for such nonsense...

Jessica has been doing her style of "Dirty Folk Rock" comedy for some time now, but caught some media attention when her awesome video for "My Pussy Is Magic" started getting passed around online, becoming one of those must see viral clips. Jaw dropping in it's audaciousness the song and video refuses to let you get away alive. You have to laugh it just how outrageous it is and give a tip of the hat to her for having the "balls" to do it all. The Catholic Legion of Decency decried Delfino for her work and You Tube eventually pulled the clip the day they were bought by Google, which also happened to be the day made it their clip of the day.

But Delfino and her comedy is all about taking on subjects that are taboo and bringing them into the light and laughing about them. Her song "Don't Rape Me" played entirely on a Rape Whistle is a hysterical wake up call, while "I'm Saving This Rape For Someone Who Loves Me" slides down a sliperly slope of satire that not everyone will get. Her song "I Want To Be Famous" talks about wanting to kill someone to become someone important and could easily be the John Hinkley story from a female pop persepctive. But her style is so upbeat and fun that you never feel the sting of the material and that is her genius. She can get to you were you live and make you feel great about it.

In recent years tons of hype and praise has been slathered on comedian Sara Silverman who had, at least for a while become the media's darling of comedians. Personally I think Jessica Delfino has everything the critics claimed Silverman has and more. I personally think she deserves the success that Silverman has had.

So let's do something about this and spread the word. She'd got two fantastic CD's out and does regular shows in NY and elsewhere. She's my Number One friend right now, so go check her out!


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