Wednesday, April 22, 2009


For the Match Game LIVE in NYC!

THIS SUNDAY, April 26th @ 308 Bowery
8 PM -- $10

Do not miss this show -- it's SO MUCH FUN. Attend, compete, win prizes, drinks, even COLD HARD CASH. Featuring panelists Michael Musto, Keith & The Girl (from the very popular pod cast), Sara Benincasa and a bunch of other stellar droogies. You're gonna like it!

Mr. Musto wrote the show a nice mention on his VILLAGE VOICE blog. You MUSTO come!

Hosted by one Mr. Ben Lerman, my buddy and co-conspirator. Well, there he is now -- just below! Handsome little devil, in'he?
(Photo taken by Donnie Reider, mondo homo, very cute -- of course all the cute ones are gay)

In other news, Ben went to Chicago a few weeks ago, and while he was there he picked up a little part time jobby job scrubbing puppies. Here's the video -- funny!

So in closing, as you can see, Ben is funny, he puts on a great show and YOU SHOULD COME TO IT.

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