Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yep. They pretty much nailed it!

So far, a handful of friends told me they saw it and these are their comments.

Friend # 1: (let's call her "granny" because she's my bf's granny) You looked...embarrassed...

Friend # 2: You got a raw deal. They made you out to look like the "crazy" one and your
bf was the normal cool one who was "sick of you and how crazy your ass was" so the audience
sided with HIM and TYRA and not you. (I love that my friend said (made me out to look crazy...
ha ha, I love friends.)

Friend # 3: You looked great and did great. (Did they see the same show?)

Friend # 4: You should never go on the Tyra Banks show again, even if she invites you on to
do a private concert for her and all her celebrity Top Model friends.
(Oops, that last one was me, my friendiest friend of all.)

Oh, I could dish so much dirt about being on the Tyra Banks show, but I'll hold off for now because (a) it's boring, and because (b) but she's got more important problems to deal with. (And (c), so do I.) I will post the video soon, though, I'm supposed to potentially get it tomorrow.

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Peter Bernard said...

Ha I still haven't even seen this clip. I guess it will never be on the show haha