Thursday, April 2, 2009

LATE NIGHT NOTES, SHOW LISTING -- THE UZSHE (that's short for usual)

Delfino Gets Deep

I'm in the burbs for a coupla nights and I have to say, it's pretty nice to be outside of NYC even though I miss it already and I don't know what to do with myself out here besides watch TV and shop. I don't generally enjoy "shopping" but one thing that's so great about shopping in the burbz is that there are tons of vintage and thrift shops which are my cup of lemon zinger. There's one place I like to visit out here that's a huge barn full of musty dead people stuff and I just love to rummage through it, respectfully, of course. I like to think that someday people will be buying and trading and giving away and loving all my old dead stuff. I'd rather people use and enjoy it then it become precious or trash, though I know some of my things will become both. But I strive for something just between immortalization and annihilation. I wish I could be a ghost when I die and float around listening in on people's conversations forever. Please God let ghosts be real. I'd love to haunt a house. That's my death dream, if I can realize my life dream I will then focus on that one.

See? Deep!

Show Listing

I'm so excited to be working with Diane O'Debra and Steph Sabelli on our show SKITS N TITS. We have so much fun writing our sketches and booking the show and making videos every month, and it reminds me of that movie with that guy who I REALLY WANT to say was Kevin Bacon, but I KNOW it wasn't! It wasn't Kevin Bacon! But I don't know the guy's name because the movie was older, and off the timeline my brain cares for saving. But you know the one -- Field of Dreams. In it, the guy who is not Kevin Bacon's mantra is, "If you build it, they will come."

That's how I see our show.

This month, we have so much good stuff. New video, new sketches, new SONG! Matt McCarthy, Ekat from London the contortionist burlesque dancer who is SUPER HOT, Mike Albo, Alana Amram and the Rough Gems and MANY more great acts. Check TIME OUT NY's gay section to see our "critic's choice" listing. I heard the show is listed as "Jessica Delfino & The O'Debra Twins" but the truth is, *GOSSIP ALERT*, the O'Debra Twins broke up awhile ago and are working as solo agents these days. I'm sorry if I just broke your heart.

Come THIS WED at 10 PM to SKITS AND TITS ($5!) at 308 Bowery (at 1st St.) and I will fix it for you.

photo by Alex M. Smith



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Peter Bernard said...

When I die, I'm going to haunt people and consciences, not houses. You, Diane and Stephanie are the superhero rock star Charlie's Angels of comedy. I just hope you use your super powers to fight crime and injustice and not to rob banks.